A West African Adventure: Exploring the Beauty of These 5 Countries


What sets a country apart from another? What makes the scenery from one place differ from the other? What makes all human beings tag someplace as beautiful and others as inhabitable? Is it the greeneries, the landscape, the food, the culture or the people? Could Africa, which was once known as the dark continent have a place of beauty? Could we have all been left ignorant because of our prejudice? Is there a hope of seeing anything beautiful in West Africa?

If you've been asking yourself any of the questions above, then, this article is for you!

West Africa is known by many to contain just sixteen countries with diversities of cultures. Traditions, customs, tribes and dishes are superabundant in these countries. Benin, Togo, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Nigeria, Sierra-Leone, Ghana, Gambia, Cameroon, Cape-Verde, Côte D'Ivoire, Niger, Mali, Mauritania, Liberia and Senegal all have unique attributes which make them enjoyable to stay in. However, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and while each country is beautiful in its ways and the sight of its citizens, some of these sixteen countries have been tagged beautiful by the majority of those who have visited them. The top five beautiful West African Countries are highlighted here:

1. Ghana

One of the African countries that have been tagged the most peaceful and of course, beautiful all over the world. Ghana has an abundance of joyful citizens. This, accompanied by the picturesque view of their Greenlands, lush forests and animals makes it a favourable place for tourists all over the world. Their diverse culture which is accommodating to all further improves every traveller's impression of this West African Country.
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If you would love to visit West Africa, Ghana is one of the best places to be, having it in mind to visit the popular Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park, named after the Former President, Kwame Nkrumah who was at the frontier of leading Ghana to independence. You must also remember not to end your journey without having a taste of the popular "Ghana Jollof", preferably prepared by a local.

2. Nigeria

Doubling as the "Giant of Africa", Nigeria is another beautiful place to visit in West Africa. It is one of the African countries with a wide range of wildlife reserves, Savannahs, grasslands, rivers and mountains. Nigerians have been dubbed all over the world as witty talkers, brilliant people and fervent lovers making every tourist wish they stayed behind forever.
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The culture which varies from the South to the North, West and East keeps every visitor on their toes, ready to learn and have fun at the same time.

If you would like to visit West Africa, Nigeria is one of the few places to consider visiting while keeping in mind not to forget to visit the famous Niger and Benue Rivers where the name of the country was coined. You could also keep it in mind to attend the renowned Calabar Carnival which takes place in December if you will be visiting.

3. Senegal

Although Senegal has been tagged as one of the underdeveloped countries in West Africa, this does not deny the fact that its beautiful architecture, music and lively markets always leave each tourist yearning for more.

The women in Senegal are the epitome of African beauty and are usually more beautiful than other women in other African countries.

Your visit to Senegal will not be complete if you do not visit the IFAN Museum in Dakar where you will get to see the various contemporary and historic African Arts and Cultural Exhibits.

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4. Cape Verde

Do you care to see the vast blue oceans, and clear skies accompanied by interesting music and good food? Cape Verde is the West African country to visit.

The country which gained its independence from Portugal is known for its ideal sunny winter. If you would like to experience what it is like to windsurf and have some kites up in the air, Cape Verde is the best place for you to be.

5. The Gambia

Despite being one of the smallest African Countries, The Gambia boasts of some of the most beautiful sceneries in West Africa.
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Gambians are recognised worldwide as welcoming, and ready to receive you with smiles and open arms. The climate which takes after its people caresses the skin and brings forth premium relaxation for every tourist. This beauty further showcases in the Gambian national food - Damoda, a very delicious groundnut stew which every foodie tourist must taste.

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