The Power of Perception: 3 Reasons Why Your First Impression Can Make or Break You

Have you ever met a person or walked past someone whom you have never met before and in your mind, you have a thought of, "Well,I like this person" or "My God, I don't think I can work with this person"?

What exactly forms that odd conversation in your mind? Why were you so quick to judge this person you barely know?

This instant perception of a stranger by you is what is called "a first impression". Now, first impression is the mental image of yourself you give a person. It tells a lot about you in just a few seconds to someone you are meeting for the first time. 

What are the factors that show your personality to a person you are just meeting?

  - Your dressing.

 It is a popular saying that we dress the way we want to be addressed. The way you dress matters, your colour combinations matter, the way you combine your attire matters too. Ninety percent of new people you meet make a judgement of the kind of individual you are by the way you dress.

  - Your body scent

  Minor as this might seem, this determines greatly how people see you. A person with a foul body odour will definitely be seen as a dirty person and I think no one loves to associate with a dirty individual.

  - Your manner of speech and approach.

  Someone who finds it hard to greet people in a place he gets to is seen as a rude person by whoever is meeting him

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for the first time. Lacking etiquettes while asking questions or while talking in public can also make people see you as uncouth and thus, you have successfully presented yourself as one who is not to be taken serious.

  - Your aura.

  The kind of atmosphere around you as a person can help people to judge who you are. Are you the calm type or aggressive type or even the friendly type? All of this can be seen by the kind of vibe you consciously or unconsciously emanate.


This is another question people ask themselves. It is absurd how people can form a perception of you from just one meeting...but, is it really important? Yes, it is.

A. It is forever.

Will Rogers says, "You never get a second chance to make a first impression". This is why it is very important to make a person have a pleasant impression of you.

B. The first impression you make can determine if a person will help you or not. 

If the atmosphere around you is not friendly enough or too depressing, you might be chasing your future helpers away. Also, if you are dressed as a clown, your business proposals might not be taken seriously. If you emanate body odour, you are likely to loose your job with World Heath Organization as you will be seen as one who doesn't observe daily hygiene.

C. As a business person, the kind of impression you make on a customer determines if you will be getting referrals or not or if such customer is going to patronise you again making it a necessity to have a great first time together.

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