3 Unexpected Strategies That Actually Work

Success in life's endeavours only happens when a person gives himself or herself the permission to succeed. That is, in a world where many people think it's odd to have your private jet at 20, to build your house at 25 or to get your first car at 16 and goes further to accuse you of being involved in cyber crimes when you break all of these boundaries, the only way a person can succeed is by permitting himself to succeed without caring what other people think or say about it so far as the prosperity was obtained legally.

The Prosperity Ark

Evidently, before that could happen, you as an entity should have a picture of what that success means. To you, what does it mean to be successful?

A baby spider sees the cobwebs its mother builds as the greatest type of mansion there could ever be, but in reality, that mansion is just another set of tiny threads to humans.

Your pictures determine where you will be and if your heart is not enlarged enough to accommodate big things, you will only end up struggling at the lower rungs of society. Now, your heart being enlarged here is not referring to its medical implication but refers to the fact that you can stretch beyond the boundaries of what you can see at the present moment. This means that I might be a second-year student with practically nothing to my name but my heart is so big that I see myself paying fifty million employees in dollars every month. This all comes down to the power of imagination and the extent of your visions as a person. 

So, how can you get bigger visions? How can you move to a place of having your heart wrapped around big things? How do you envisage the fact that you can operate in levels that have been tagged "for the big men"?

1. Move beyond survival, move into purposeful living.

Purposeful living means you are considering various means by which your generation can be better, you are looking out for ways by which your nation can move forward. In essence, you are not living solely for yourself. Your life has been given to the course of making humanity better. 

This will, in turn, propel you to be excellent at what you do and get rid of lackadaisical behaviour from your personality. You begin to see opportunities where other people see problems and this sets you apart for the big day.

2. Stop being a complainer

Complainers can never see the way forward because they have been blinded by the present situation. 

At one point in time, humans complained about trekking long distances, so a world changer invented bicycles, later, they complained about pains in their calcaneal tendons, so bicycles were invented, more complaints came and cars were created. Then, humans complained that it wasn't fast enough and then, aeroplanes were made. Now, some humans complained about the fare to board a plane and someone, who refused to see the problem but as an opportunity, created the internet. Now, I can be in Nigeria and go on a shopping spree in Denmark because I have the internet.

However, if the inventors had been complainants like every other person, all of these would never have happened and the world would have remained one dark globe.

Complaining kills a person's ability to see solutions. Instead of seeing solutions, such people only see barriers and difficult work to do. An individual cannot have a large picture when all he does is complain. Therefore, you must get rid of the habit of always complaining, never attaining.

3. Have the heart of a king

Have you seen a king who chickens out before his enemy? He and his people will be destroyed and enslaved.

The Prosperity Ark

The same thing applies to every human being who will do big things and change his world. Life punishes timidity and to be able to see big pictures that will propel you into a place of limitless possibilities, you must be bold. That is, you move despite your fear. You dream despite your doubts! You stretch and you do all you can with the highest touch of excellence.

A King will always take challenges no matter how tough and in the end, the world will know such a person.


  1. Thumbs up ma'am.. Amazing piece.

  2. I'd suggest better paragraphing. Also, a line space just before each listed point��

  3. Beautiful stuff here! Keep writing words pulsing with divine energies.

  4. Beautiful words here! Keep writing words pulsing with divine energies.

  5. Thank you so much for this. Every youth should read this, it helps.


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