Mind Over Emotions: Unconventional Approaches for Cultivating Your Emotional Intelligence

 Emotional Intelligence.

Emotional intelligence can be said to be the unique intersection between the heart and the head. It is not about being nice but about managing one's emotions to achieve the possible outcomes.

Our emotions are powerful and if not controlled well can be a cause of problems for an individual.

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Our emotions can also affect one's health, happiness and success.

Emotional intelligence depends on maturity; the maturity that comes from wisdom gained through various experiences in life and an understanding of oneself in how one relates with other people.

Emotional intelligence is divided into two main categories which are; interpersonal intelligence where one can manage and inspire other people's emotions thereby, building trust in them. There is also intrapersonal intelligence where one is able to take control of oneself and one's emotions.

These two broad types of emotional intelligence require that you manage your emotions, self and your relationship with people properly.

Different types of feelings.

Feelings can also be called emotions. In this report, three main types are highlighted.

1.Physiological feeling; This enables one to know if one has any need to meet such as cold, hunger, tiredness etc.

2.Intuitive feeling: This comes from within. It is also called stored emotional memory and it arises from previous experiences. This particular feeling is very useful in decision making and when dealing with other people.

3.Emotional feelings: Happiness, fear, surprise, disgust are all exhibited here.

Here, I have highlighted 7 ways one's EQ can be worked upon and they are all interrelated and of equal importance.

1.Knowing oneself.

This is the awareness of one's feelings and the capability to recognise and manage these feelings. It is the ability to be conscious of how you're feeling, acting or reacting at any point in time.

2.Bouncing Back.

This is the ability to perform consistently in a range of situations under pressure and to adapt very easily.It is the capability to retain focus on a course of action and in the need for results in the face of criticisms.

3.Staying on track.

This is the process of finding motivation to achieve clear results and make an impact. Defined goals are achieved, obstacles are cleared out and you work easily with others.

4.Being in Tune.

This shows that you have a good rapport with others.

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You connect well with other people and learn to understand their thoughts, feelings and ideas too. The relationship is valued by both sides and there is a mutual benefit.

5. Striking a Chord.

Influence is about being able to handle other people's emotions effectively. You know how others are feeling and you use this knowledge to move them forward.

6.Trusting your inner voice.

This is also referred to as intuitiveness. It means that you feel a sense of what is the best option for you at a particular time. It is a perception of right or wrong. It works hand-in-hand with analytical mind at these two helps you make the best decision on issues arising.

7.Being True To Yourself.

Be honest to yourself and keep the promise you make to others. Show passion to your beliefs and stand firmly by your decisions. Your conscientiousness is your guide to ensure that your energy is not exhausted unnecessarily. Have the courage to say "NO" by communicating your thoughts peacefully.


EQ: The ability to identify, evaluate, control and express one's emotions and assess other's emotions.

It ensures teamwork, leadership spirit, successful collaborations, initiative and service orientation.

IQ:  This is the ability to learn, understand and apply information to skills, logical reasoning, word comprehension, math skills, filter irrelevant information, abstract and spatial thinking.

It ensures success in challenging tasks and improves the ability to analyze, connect the dots, research and development in a person.


Emotional intelligence is the foundation for success in life. People with very strong emotional intelligence tend to work well with other people, and have very good interpersonal relationships at work and at home.

Everyone must learn to maintain a composed soul to attain our ultimate life goals.

Keep winning dearest one!💪💪💪


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