Characteristics of a Change Agent


A man who will make tangible impacts in his generation must be a man with the mindset of a giant. He has to have the boldness of a lion in order to get the lion's share.

Some attributes are common among such change agents;

1.He must have a strong vision for change

The need to change his world must be kept palpable in his heart at all times. He does not waver or get tired, even when physical conditions might not seem like it's going to change. The mantra for a change becomes his driving force.

2.He will have a strong vision of his real self

A change agent sees himself as being able to do all things. He sees himself as capable and this really goes a long way in helping to achieve his goals because one's self-image controls one's behaviour. He doesn't pity himself in the face of failure, he performs his duties and responsibilities with aggression.

3. A change agent invests before spending

A man who understands the use of money is the man who enjoys it. A man of change knows that spending comes last. He invests in himself by paying for courses or going for seminars. He also invests in others who are ready to be trained by helping them to improve on what they do to the point where they are excellent.

Friend, I didn't write this article to make you feel bad, instead, I want you to read this and imbibe the character of an agent of change. Separate yourself from mediocre thoughts, be the lion you ought to be!


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