How to Improve Your Business In 4 Easy Steps

In one of our articles, I elucidated on the sure tips in becoming a giant business person - You can read it up here. Now you know the tips and you've started getting positive results but you don't have the carriage of a business mogul yet, when you go out to sign business contracts, you're still being doubted, sometimes, to seal a deal, you have to talk for long hours before you could convince your business partners.

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Unintentionally, you've started doubting if you really are the business mogul you perceive yourself to be. You really do not have to beat yourself up over it this year and you can be sure that following the tips highlighted in this article will place you on the same plane as renowned business all around the world.

1.Be discrete.

As a man with a new identity, you are expected to do as occasion serves. Knowing what matters to talk about and those to be discrete about puts an upright character in you. 

Try as much as possible to avoid empty talks that will drain you of trade secrets!

2.Be bold

As a business giant, you have to completely get rid of the introverted behaviour trait because being timid or quiet in a place where your voice is supposed to boomerang will make your business partners doubt your credibility and professionalism.

You don't need to hide when your products are being questioned so far you have produced them under healthy and legal conditions.

Being bold however, does not tally to being rude to your potential customers. Defend your cause before them in utmost honour but with mighty power of speech.

3.Rise up to opposition as a king.

In the dog-eat-dog business world, there will be competitions, oppositions and sometimes, scandals.

How you respond to these issues will go a long way in telling if you will survive as a giant in business or if you're going to close down.

A king does not run away in times of war, why should you go AWOL when your business encounters problems?

Rise up and solve them! Go the legal way if need be. Refuse to bow to threats and oppositions on your way to becoming that business giant in your nation.

4.Have a well organised business proposal at all times.

Imagine if someone who wishes to invest in your business enters your office and suddenly asks you, "What's your plan for the year?"

Will you be caught unawares or will there be a ready-made detailed plan of what you plan to do this year?

This might look like a minimal part of business, but it determines to a large extent the level of trust potentates have in you.

Dear reader, I believe putting these few pointers to good use can help you in building up a character that is unshakeable in the business world.

See you at the top!


  1. You got me there... No updated proposal... But will do that now... Thanks for this hardwork... Nice one...

  2. Updated proposal was my take home


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