From Good to Great: How to Build an A-Team For Your Business

Every human who has entered into business wishes to become a giant in whatever business niche he finds himself in, every writer wants to be a force to be reckoned with, the doctors all want to be the best there have ever been and the government officials all wish to topple their enemies and emerge victorious.

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A team is made up of more than one person who has come together to achieve a common goal. Members of a team are expected to be united and report to a person known as the team leader.  An individual has the sole responsibility of being excellent in the team. Excellent physically with projects, socially in interpersonal relationships and financially in managing the budget of the team. The team members also ensure that they cooperate with their leader to achieve set goals. This is where the force of teamwork comes into play.

Teamwork is necessary and very important because it ensures that each person goes far in what they do. It eliminates boredom and procrastination in each individual. For a team to achieve success, some major elements must be taken into consideration. These elements are but are not limited to;

1. Communication

This is the process by which information is passed across among members of a team. Communication fosters good interpersonal relationships with other team members and ensures that strategies to use are well-spread. The ability of any enterprise, organisation or start-up to succeed lies in the level of interaction between the different levels of administration.

2. Time management

This means making proper use of time as a team. Being action-oriented, taking responsibility, being accountable and having the rightful division of labour among team members is one of the major ways to manage time and move forward as a team.

3. Respect

Giving honour to whom it is due - This is not meant to be an ordinary greeting in a formal assembly but must be acted upon with intentionality. The ability to learn how to be humble under a team leader, not get ahead of them by being too forward and not being disrespectful despite qualifications, age or race is one of the methods to succeed that has been continuously tested and is trusted.

4. Accountability

"How best can you succeed in a team?" 

 The ability of a team member to be open enough with his or her leader and to report the status quo to the team leader. This is to ensure that each member is carrying out assigned duties excellently as well as ensure that members who are lagging are easily identified and helped or retrenched. This way, an organisation is about to blossom and overtake its sector.

5. Support and Delegation

A team and in turn, a business grows better when each member of a team is assigned responsibility with which they support one another physically, emotionally, psychologically and financially. They are also able to share their difficulties with their team leader and colleagues. 

6. A Plan 

No matter how well organised a business may seem, without a proper plan and goal that has been set since its inception or while it runs, it is set that such a business will run down. For an individual, a team or a business to do well, there must be a proper layout of what to do, how to do it and when to do it. This way, there is a proper sense of direction and success is achieved with ease.

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Alone, there is only so little we can do, but together as a team, we can achieve a great milestone! 

Each person should therefore be ready to carry out their duties to the best of their abilities. Business owners, start-ups and inventors should also learn how to accommodate team members.

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