My Career is a Constituent of Purpose, I Don't Balance Them - Head of Business Development(FCMBAM)

This week, our correspondent from The Proserity Ark had the opportunity to meet up with the current head of business development, First City Monument Bank (FCMB) Asset Management Limited, Tinu Philips Odufuye. She enlightens her audience on her motivation and ability to keep pressing forward.

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GWC: Can we meet you? 

TINU-PHILIPS: My name is Tinu Philips-Odufuye. I am currently a member of the John Maxwell team and the Founder of Ladies Breaking Boundaries.

GWC: Awesome, it's great having you here!

While growing up, what has been your motivation to succeed? 

TINU-PHILIPS: Empowerment, Growth, and Impact.

GWC: Who was a role model figure you had while growing up? 

TINU-PHILIPS: Well, I was not that exposed growing up, the only role model figure I was exposed to was my Mum who was a hairdresser. So, growing up, my mum’s grit to see her six children through the higher institution was my inspiration. It taught me that with determination and hard work, I can achieve anything.

GWC: Wow, your mum is a one-in-a-million.

Did you have dreams and aspirations while growing up? How were you able to achieve those dreams today? 

TINU-PHILIPS: (Lol) Let's not go there! I had several dreams and aspirations growing up - I wanted to be an actress, presenter, newscaster, banker, author, singer, lawyer, and nurse. The only one I am not and which I have given up completely on is being a nurse but as for others, I have fulfilled the dream of doing them in one way or the other. 

I think as a child I knew early enough that adulthood is not finite, I didn’t fix one career aspiration for myself as I believed I could become more than one thing. Overall, my main dream is to serve the country of our birth with a wider impact and I am still on that journey.

GWC: Wow! Adulthood is not finite. Thank you, ma.

Did you have fears of failing over the years? How have you overcome these fears? 

TINU-PHILIPS: Every time we dare to achieve something bigger or become more than we currently are, fear surfaces. What has helped me over the years is the fact that I am never afraid to DARE, you know, the Bible says "For God has not given us the spirit of fear but of boldness and sound mind." God’s Spirit doesn’t make cowards out of us. 

Fear comes at the point of DARING, (which I conquer every time because I take action); I am not afraid of failure, I see failure as an experience that can't be bought if it happens at all.

GWC: Interesting…Failure should be seen as an experience. 

What has been your greatest support system? 

TINU-PHILIPS: My husband, Mum, Children, and Ladies Breaking Boundaries Community have always been amazing wonders for me.

GWC: Aside from being employed at the First City Monument Bank, What else piques your interest? 

TINU-PHILIPS: I am a big advocate for Women's empowerment and Nation Building.

GWC: Your initiative, "Ladies Breaking Boundaries" has transformed and created over two hundred businesses. What prompted you to start this initiative? 

TINU-PHILIPS: My unquenching passion for women's empowerment towards nation-building fueled this. If we can have more women actively involved in value and wealth creation without succumbing to the societal stereotype that subjects them to undermining their potential, the world would be a better place. 

GWC: More women need to see this!

How have you been able to balance your career and purpose so far? 

TINU-PHILIPS: Oh, purpose is multidimensional, unending, and keeps unfolding. I don’t try to balance career and purpose because my career itself is in itself, purpose. Purpose encompasses all I have been, am, and would be. I function within purpose because every time I function outside of it, I fail. The head business development role I occupy today, the foundation I run, the board I sit on, the school I chair, and many more are all platforms for purpose manifestation. So, back to the question, have I been able to balance career and purpose? The answer is, that my career is a constituent of purpose, balancing isn’t required.

GWC: Eeeiii, You keep shattering tables ma! (Gets my notepad)

Do you have a favorite quote?  

TINU-PHILIPS: Yes, It is a quote from my book “The Unwritten Resume” on Perception Management and Personal Branding. “There is a brand called “U”, build your brand from start-UP”. Your brand requires you to invest time, energy, money, and a high level of intentionality in its growth. Growth doesn’t just happen by accident, you must be intentional about it. 

GWC: What words of advice do you have for youths, most especially females? 

TINU-PHILIPS: I love the new boldness and the daring spirit in females and I feel it would help conquer a lot of limitations placed on our world today. However, good character and high emotional intelligence are required on this journey to achieve both our individual and collective dreams. The book "Talent isn’t enough" by John C. Maxwell captures this better.

GWC: It's been a time of mindset shift, growth, and empowerment so far and to this end, I'll like to say a big thank you to our guest today, Mrs. Tinu-Philips Odufuye. To our audience and visitors reading this, you could follow our guest on Instagram and Twitter.


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  2. Wow. Adulthood is not finite and I can become more than one thing. Powerful

  3. Great one. You keep growing every day in a way that's astonishing and inspiring.


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