An Open Letter Unveiling Society's Deepest Needs: Brace Yourself

My dear Sonda, 

The Prosperity Ark

I received your mail and for the past two weeks, I had been mulling over your question about how you can hone your life values.

No man lives a solitary lifestyle in society. There is always an opportunity to interact with one or more persons and in the course of these interactions, having proper value depicts that your attitude and habits are up to the acceptable standards in that particular society.

However, Sonda, you should learn that some values vary per region while some values are constant universally. I have also noticed that some values stood strong at the core of every society.

Love was the first value I noticed encompassed every society I entered. Everyone was ready to emphasise with the other person, they were ready to let go of their anger and embrace other cultures and religions. This ability to tolerate other people had been lacking in me ever since my childhood but growing up, I learned how to look the other way even when I felt like flipping over. 

Sonda, to live a successful life on earth, I got to realise that self-motivation was not all that exists. The values which hold society as one, annihilate discrimination and ensure that you, as an individual prosper anywhere you find yourself is loving people for who they are, loving them for what they believe in and loving them with their idiosyncrasies.

It is not so sweet to love people, especially those who seem extra-annoying and super-irritating but guess how I tackled this, Sonda?

I learned tolerance. It was arduous at first to deliberately keep your anger in check but one thing I kept telling myself was that the inability to tolerate other people was the reason for the societal insecurities we experience today in Nigeria. Everybody wants their voice and opinion to matter without giving adequate precedence to whatever any other person says. I inferred from reading through history that society is not made peaceful by acting this way. Being tolerant was my greatest asset while living in different regions.

Lastly, I acquired a self-discipline regimen for myself. As a core value which everyone loves to see in themselves and their loved ones, self-discipline is an asset that gives you a competitive advantage no matter the tier of life you step into. Self-discipline helps you to create life-long habits and ingrain you into society. I have never come across any society that tolerates indiscipline, but I have entered as many societies as possible to know that self-discipline is a highly celebrated value.

Sonda, I have a dream to raise societies, one where wars are nowhere to be found, one where tolerance is not to be thought twice of, one where fathers do not draw swords against their families or workers against their bosses, one where politics is no longer seen as an abattoir; the society of my dreams, the society that holds the values of love, tolerance and self-discipline at the frontiers.

The Prosperity Ark

Sonda, I believe that together, we can create this society of my dreams! 

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