Discover the Legends That Flow Through Time

It was on a cold Wednesday morning, late in the 1900s. The body, water, was born. Water opened its eyes, and looked to its left and right; it looked up but saw just the skies, when it got to look downwards, its optic nerves were only viewing its reflections.

Day after day, water saw how men came to drink from it, and then it heard how its visitors complained of travelling long distances just to have a drink. Then, these visitors day by day, and slowly and slowly, began reducing in number. Water surfaced and asked the little boy who came for a drink with his mother and the little boy said, "It's because we have to come from such a distant land, some even lose their lives on the way".

The Prosperity Ark

This was when water decided that it would make a water-changing decision. He began his voyage to every place, leaving there oceans, valleys, springs, and seas, not leaving out rivers and streams and even glaciers to make an imprint, to live for others as well as himself.

There you have it - Water is that important.

Water is life. Little wonder the Earth is made up of about 71% of water and the human body is largely believed to contain 70% of water.

In all, water is good for healthy living. We cannot live alone, just like water decided, we can make decisions to flow out of our comfort zones and make a mark on the sands of time - The Earth.

WE(W-Water; E-Earth)

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