Life's Principle 201 - Harvest


Harvest is a time when one reaps and gathers in plenty. A farmer would practically walk you through this because he knows how, when, where to sow and how to harvest in the end.

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It is an unfightable fact that for one to harvest, he must definitely invest, knowing that payday will surely come. Allow me to walk you through, the life principles of harvest that I have garnered:


For an undoubtedly sure harvest, I must keep sowing my seeds, in diligence, in productivity, in giving out kind words again and again to others. In continuity, in a deliberate attempt and action to always keep moving, no matter what happens. 

For my sure harvest, I must keep sowing my seeds(this is situation-specific and person-peculiar), knowing that the seed sown is a living thing that would definitely come back to me in bountiful terms. 


While I sow my seeds, I must consciously nurture them and save them from the birds of the air, from harsh weather conditions. By doing this, I  am setting myself up for a productive and bountiful harvest and when I start to see the produce of my seeds, I must celebrate myself!! I celebrate myself when I see the blade of the corn (seed) and I am happy about it, knowing that it was never there in the first place.

The Prosperity Ark

In the same way, I rejoice when I  see my neighbour's. I rejoice why?

If your neighbour's harvest came already, guess who's next?

You guessed right.



Many people tend to labour and when they're at their favour gate, they allow others to go get their rewards, which has to stop at right now o’clock. The worst scenario is that they always feel bad about not getting their rightful rewards. Feeling bad is not okay, go for it, it is yours, so go get it!!!

Everyone who has worked for the progress of a project is entitled to their reward and yes they deserve it. So, whenever your payday comes, please receive your rewards gallantly, you deserve every good thing!!!

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