Live In Your Now - The Pathway to Continuous Success

Have you ever heard the popular saying that life is a gift? How true that is! Life is a gift, make the most and best out of it. Live your life now to the fullest - this means that you do everything that your faith prompts you to do.

The Prosperity Ark

1. Live in the present. 

Living in the present, that's me living my best at the level that I am at now, with emphasis on now!!!

I must refrain from living in the past, I cannot change the past, that way, neither would I change the future, if I dwell where everyone else has left, but when I live my life now to the fullest, I indubitably would change all that I want to about my future. Living in your now is starting the day and forging ahead to the great life ahead of you. There is a fulfilment that comes with knowing that you're making an impact, you're making a positive change.

2. Keep Joy

One sure way to live in your now is to keep joy alive. I tell you, that kind gesture to that random person the other day made them remember that they are loved. I said, remember because, most times, people forget that they are loved or even worthy of love, they dwell so much on their mistakes and inadequacies. Keep joy and give joy. Living in your now is you genuinely and deliberately loving people. There's an inner joy and blessedness that comes when you know that your words and actions did not tear the other person down but built them up, it made them feel better. A wise man once said to me, people might forget the words you say to them, but they'll never forget how you made them feel.

3. Keep working 

Work is a part of life, permit me to say, it's part of the package. I really just thought about this, everyone will eventually get to work someday, so it's best to start yours early and rest later when you have already prepared your place of comfort. Keep working! You are getting better at it. 

The Prosperity Ark

You might not know but I tell you, you are much better than the last time. See all of the wins you've had, see how you're marching on with heart courageous. In the end, it will be worth every wait.

4. Reminisce, do not Regret.

Reminisce, recall all you have been able to do, the work of your hands, the words of your mouth, your impact. Be grateful for all you can do and have done for that next-door neighbour. It meant the whole world to them. Live in your now, and do not compare yourself with anyone else, why? Because there's no need. Learn from others, appreciate them for their good works, and then print out your uniqueness, that's how to be you.

Live in your now, do all that your faith prompts you to do, love people genuinely, build your life, and be thankful for where you are now, you know why? You weren't always here, see you're growing, look and continue looking at your treasures- You're Gold,

You're Great,

You're living in your now!

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