The Sounds of Victory: Your Direct Pathway to Success

The Sound of Victory - What does it mean?

They are the supplies you can make use of to have good success in life. They are that innovation you're about to discard, that recipe you feel is strange, that music score you're about to tear into pieces and that business you want to close down today because there are no clients.

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Hmmm...Exactly! That's how the victory sound comes - it does not always seem spectacular or trendy. Although, at times, it might come with a bang and it becomes everyone's favourite in one attempt. Congratulations if yours is like that - tend to it with utmost care. 

However, at other times, it comes so quietly - it comes in like your thought, it comes in like an idea, it comes in like an answer to a question (sometimes, which you have not been asked yet). But how wholesome would it be to have answers before questions arise? But because it's not as catchy as your friend's, you begin to despise what is in fact, your pathway to massive greatness.

This article gives you insight into three ways to keep our victory sounds alive:

1.Take Actions:

Here is one big secret about victory sounds. They can come to you, anywhere as long as it's called a place. It could come to you in the market, while you are on a trip, in your place of worship, at your school, at the library - anywhere you call a place. 

Always learn to take these sounds of victory down by writing or deliberately thinking about them. If you're certain that the next action after your victory sound is to record the new melody that came in, do so. Whether it is to put a call through to a loved one or even send a message or make that next post. Do it, take actions and take them promptly. 

2. Step out courageously:

This goes almost simultaneously with taking action. When your sounds of victory come, many times, you have to step out. 

And while at that, make sure you step out with courage and heart as tough as a lion's.  Although at this moment, you might not look like you have the answer but the world is not waiting to hear your look (😅 on a lighter note) they want to see what you have seen and hear your answers to situations. Therefore, step out in courage. 

The Prosperity Ark

Go for that next interview, take that next training and don't let past experiences weigh you down. 

3. Gratitude:

Although this comes up last, it is not the least. Be grateful at all times; resist the urge to complain or grumble. 

Never despise your beginning. It is your beginning, not your end. For every thought that comes up in your heart and that you're certain will eventually bless humanity, be grateful! 

Your life is not a compendium of coincidences so you must be grateful for every little thought, every person you meet and every opportunity that comes across to you. 

There's something about standing where you are and from that point, looking to where you envision. This is a place from where you project your sounds of victory, yet, there is so much progress all around. 

Therefore, be grateful for your ideas, your concepts and your innovations. They are your sounds of victory. Let them be planted and thriving. Project them loud enough to bless a generation.

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