The Journey Within: Unveiling Your True Identity

The Prosperity Ark

WHO ARE YOU?- This is a question everyone has been asked at one point or the other. Personally, I have seen people ask me and it wasn't until recently I asked myself, "WHO AM I?"

Your personality is everything that attributes you as an individual either emotional, mental, social or physical. Many people in society are familiar with the physical and social aspects of their personalities but unfortunately, their mental and emotional personalities are left unattended.

(P.S: Personality after this point in this blog post will refer to both emotional and mental aspects).

Daily, people run around and ask them what they are looking for. They all want to be successful in life! They all want to hit it big and swim in wealth. However, this success we all are running after is very near...IT IS IN YOU!

You are what you see yourself as. Mind you, aiming to be successful is not bad, however, the way you see yourself in that journey is a key factor in determining if you will be successful.

A person who sees himself as a success will see opportunities even amid a waste place, whereas one who thinks he can never be successful will never be successful even if he lives in a palace.

Once again, who are you?


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