4 Methods to Make Good Use of Your Time

Hey, how are you doing? 

I once read an article listing out the top 10 richest people on earth and while reading each of their biographies, it dawned on me that these people and I all had one thing in common. It may seem negligible but it's true! I can remember telling myself that if these people could succeed with the same resources I have presently, then, I have an advantage and can succeed in blogging and medicine.

I started by writing and re-writing my goals and dreams for myself and though it was not very easy doing that, I found new hope in my life and existence generally. I felt strongly that I could make great use of my time and turn out well, I realised at that point that I wanted to live thousands of years after I might have died.  

For me to grow, I have to make sacrifices and sow a lot. For me to be a colossal giant to my generation, I have to rise and take full accountability for the way I spend my time.


I haven't told you what I found out! Yes, I discovered that myself and these tycoons all had 24 hours in a day! Amazing right?

Now, the big, fat question hanging over our heads is HOW DO I MAKE GOOD USE OF MY TIME???

Learn to be action-oriented.

Being action-oriented means learning when to take certain steps and when to stop to rest. It entails having the capacity to do assignments and carry out projects on your initiative. An action-oriented person acts first before reporting. Now, this does not entail acting foolishly and making mistakes but acting with a sense of responsibility brimming within you. A brief description of being action-oriented is being able to strike while it is hot! This way, you prevent time wastage and you're able to cover a lot of achievements in a short period.

Learn to take responsibility.

Learning to admit and take responsibility prevents the case of "pushing" assignments to be done to other people. This quality enables you to see what you do in your life and take it with all seriousness. 

Learning to take responsibility also encompasses the ability to be assertive, that is, learning to stand firm on your decisions especially if it will affect your time divisions in a day.

Learning to set priorities 

Time management can be mastered, so identify values that are important to you and protect them. Make decisions based on your vision and destiny to avoid time loss. 

Treat important matters first before trying to fill in irrelevant ones. 

A perfect example of this is the process of filling in a bucket with gravel, stones and sand. One person fills the bucket with sand first, followed by gravel and lastly, the big stones. But, the bucket was unable to take them all in. Some of the stones were left out.

Another person fills the bucket with the big stones first, followed by the gravel and then, the sand. The bucket took it all in and there was excess space for more.

The big stones represent the most important things you have to do per day, the gravels represent the not-so-important ones but must be done while the sand represents the things which can still be done without in a day. 

You make good use of your time by laying out your tasks in order of importance.

Learn to be accountable and intentional about what you do.

Accountability and intentionality are one of the best parameters to spend your time wisely. Accountability ensures that you do not procrastinate or forget to do one thing or the other while intentionality helps you improve your assertive behaviour. 

Being able to recall what you were doing at a point in time gives an impression of reliability to people whom you might work with. This also propels you up faster as a person who has progressed in his mind. Your level of accountability and intentionality accounts for your life and future generations can see and use you as a point of reference either good or bad.


You might be wondering why you need to make good use of your life because your life is yours to live after all! However, as living humans, we do not live completely for ourselves, we all have a call and a mandate that must be completed and I have classified them into three categories.

Missioner:  Everyone has the vision to make the world a better place, we have our quota to contribute and whether we fail or succeed depends on how we use our time. It may be more pronounced in some people while it can rarely be seen in others, however, the fact remains that we all have a mission that must be completed.

Mentor:  One cannot remain a kid forever, some people will look up to you later; it might be one's children or other people in the society. What will be taught to them at that time? What type of value can they glean from us? This is one of the reasons why we must spend our time wisely.

Millionaire: As much as this sounds odd, we are meant to be financiers of our society. Each person is a millionaire in his or her capacity and we must make society feel the impact of our "millions". 

You can not afford to live just because you want to eat! 

Neither can you refuse to get out there and spend your time well because you have no pressing need! 

Real millionaires make their money, their resources, their knowledge and their depth of wisdom speak because they do not spend time on irrelevant things.

My dear reader, you must always remember that time is a seed and in a seed is a tree, what you do will determine whether the tree will come out or not. Never leave this earth with regrets in your heart!

Till next time, keep winning!πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ


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