3 Reasons You Need Friends


Human beings are social animals. Bill Watterson in his quote said, "Things are never scary when you've got a best friend."

The need to find association, solace, and comfort brings every human to a place of friendship with one person or another. However, it's disappointing to note that most people go into a friendly relationship without knowing what to give or expect.

Why exactly do we have friends?

Friends help you get the facts out of life

In a situation where you are confused and do not know what to do, a good association of friends might be needed at that time to help you pass through hazy days successfully. Brainstorming, advice, a listening ear, and a reliable shoulder to lean on help you as an individual to see situations clearly and move forward with ease.

Friends bring encouragement to you

You do not go jolly every day but a good association of friends can help bring positive emotions to you through words and acts of encouragement. Sometimes, just their seemingly silly pranks are enough to make you smile and make your day beautiful.

Your friends help you get involved in healthy competitions and makes you aim high

Seeing a friend doing well is enough to make you determined to do well too because you do not want to be the one lagging. This isn't jealousy, nor is it a "do-or-die competition", it only helps to stir you up and gives you bigger pictures with which you can run the course of your life.

A friend who doesn't add value to you or who gets into harmful competition with you should be cut off. As a person, evaluate yourself if you've been adding value to your friends too or if they need to cut you off. The number of friends does not matter, what matters is the value you exchange.


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