Unleashing Your Inner Tenacity: Overcoming Adversity and Achieving Success

The word is tenacity. Not oneacity, twonacity, neither was it three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nor ninenacity but tenacity. It has a million and one meanings and applications for millions of persons across tens of cities and more.

The Prosperity Ark

It all balls down to who you are and what you're dealing with at the moment and most importantly staying through till you scale through because you can; that a housewife in carrying out her chores can be as tenacious as a student who carries out a project.

Here are three Cs to enable us all, to get much more conscious of being tenacious in our dealings. 

1. Continuity

Being tenacious encompasses continuity. If a task is to be completed, tenacity will make you go on, until you build a city out of nothingness.

2. Consistency

Being tenacious embodies being consistent. When at the first trial you pull through, tenacity will make you push forward for more, on to the second and third victories, and on and on.

The Prosperity Ark

If at trial one, you have a glitch, do not deter, go yet again, this time you are going better equipped, you're going knowing where to put your feet without knowing defeat. That is tenacity. 

3. Completion

Being tenacious envisions always completing tasks. No matter how large a task is, a tenacious person would complete that task even if it entails completeness in bits and fractions without giving up.

I take my bow with this, we would not stop at the first attempt, but we would go again and again, if the word was not said to be oneacity but tenacity, could there possibly be millionacity? There is only one way to find out! Be Tenacious, stay there, continue, be consistent, get at your best, and complete your tasks on time, knowing that it keeps getting better.


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