A Success or Mediocre?

Life throws issues at individuals at every point in time, how we respond to these situations determines if one is a potential for success or mediocrity.

Why We Might Seem Mediocre Sometimes and How to Overcome It

  • The curse of comparison.

You are you, yes...you are a separate entity. You do not have to operate life through the lens of other people or the weighing balance of society. Be the best you can be but do not compete! There is no competition at all.

  • Satisfaction with past accomplishments.

True success is not a project but a journey. Retirement was never a concept in the minds of the world

changers, they never lived for themselves so why should you?

There are still many more great destinies waiting to be unearthed.

  • Fear of past failures. 

Myles Munroe said, "There is no handicap except that of our minds. There is no limit to our potential except that which is self-imposed."

Your past failures have no hold on you! Be ready to dust it off your visage. You become what you carry; so if you carry the emotions of failure, you gradually become that!

You have to learn to rejoice till the emotions of success jump on you. Once you reach that phase, even if the world is crumbling around you, you can always pick yourself up.


True success is not measured by how much you have done or accomplished compared to what others have done

or accomplished; true success is what you have done compared to what you could have done. No one else can live your life. So, I implore you to start that journey of unearthing the best of yourself!

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