4 Tips on How to Meet Deadlines

Joe is a 22-year-old physics student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology - A born genius who has discovered how to use technology to cure diseases like cancer and the infamous COVID-19. However, Joe has a teeny-weeny bit of a problem - he always finds it hard to meet deadlines and this behaviour has cost him a lot of contracts in millions of dollars in previous years. Joe wishes to prosper massively but if he doesn't curb this habit, his prosperity will forever remain a pipe dream.

How can we help Joe?

Deadlines are days before which you are expected to deliver certain services or submit certain ideas. At one point or the other, we all, like Joe, have had to work with a deadline in view and most times, our ability to manage time is needed in full force.

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While some people feel that it isn't ideal to work with a deadline in mind as this creates unnecessary pressure on each individual, it is necessary to maintain the balance of setting deadlines to make a person focused on what he or she is doing and not forgetting the fact that being known as someone who meets deadlines helps you to build trust among your friends, clients and family members.

1. Learn time management and avoid procrastination at all costs.

To have a deadline you wish to work with is never an easy task because somehow, time just seems to fly and personally, I almost failed to deliver well in previous years, after all, I felt I still had time. However, after learning my lessons a few times, I learnt how to start with a rough prototype of what I wanted to do. 

Although you might not be able to do everything at once, especially if what you do is related to the creative aspects of life nonetheless, starting where you are and with a rough sketch of what you're about to do gives you an edge and prevents you from being pressurised. 

The next step after this is to divide each chore into tiny bits preferably after every 30 minutes or 1 hour or however convenient it works for you. This way, you achieve more in a day without even realising it.

The place of discipline must also be highlighted while making your itinerary per day. This is to avoid a case of putting off important activities for later and focusing on the unimportant ones.

 2. Highlight what you have to do.

Highlighting your chores on a scale of preference is another way to meet up with deadlines. 

There's the mediocre mindset going around the world today where everyone thinks deadlines could always be pushed forward - that is, most people always want "grace" periods before they start rushing up their work making them create unpresentable works.

However, highlighting what you have to do and arranging them in the order of importance not only helps you create something excellent but also makes your work look well-prepared and very neat.

3. Work in a group.

A tree does not make a forest and while it is evident that discipline helps you meet deadlines, there is also a place for being accountable either to yourself or your organisation.

The Prosperity Ark

Working in a group places you under submission and accountability such that you can learn, grow and encourage one another at the same time. Group work not only spurs you on to excellence, but it also helps to build up your level of interpersonal relationships and spikes up your emotional intelligence.

4. Perform to the best of your ability.

Your nation's economy, state of affairs, security or exchange rate does not affect the level of your productivity and prosperity. 

Therefore, having a deadline to meet is not an excuse for you not to be excellent in what you do because there is no greater joy than seeing what you have done with all your heart being rewarded and praised.

Learn to be the one popping up in the minds of people when they're trying to look for someone who will work well under pressure.

Finally, dear reader, life punishes timidity and no one likes listening to excuses. As a business owner, student or career person, learn to do what you do well without disappointing people's trust. 

An illustration to represent this is that of a fashion designer who was asked to make a wedding gown in two weeks. On the wedding day, she brought a gown filled with rough stitches and splitting zips then blamed it on the fact that there was a lack of electricity supply to see very well. As the bride, would you take such excuses or would you recommend that kind of person to your blood sister later? 

Your response to that illustration above depicts the response people will have towards you once you fail to do your best.

I hope to hear from a better version of you very soon. Goodbye!


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