Importance of Growth in Changing Your World

Do you have a dream that seems bigger than you?

Do you have a passion to contribute something of value to your world?

Do you wish to raise the standard for the next generation?

All you need is growth! It means you must expand your capacity in order to achieve your aspirations. 

Things begin to change when a man is intentional about his growth. An individual has to have a sense of urgency towards his growth of his life would be full of impact.

Since change is inevitable, growth is unavoidable too! Change moves faster on the wings of growth. Changing your world cannot be accomplished by mere wishes, a full commitment to the growth process is required.

Interestingly, growth is not a once-and-for-all thing, growth is ever continuous. You should never stop growing until your life is over. A man who stops growing starts dying.

Lastly, effectiveness in life is intentional. You acquire skills which other people do not like to do. You strive to become better daily. Only when you are at this stage will you be said to be growing and have a potential to metamorphose into a world changer.

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