3 Sure Steps to Becoming a Business Giant

When you open up your store for the day, you expect to get returns in the form of profit. It then comes as a disappointment when you spend hours and yet, you haven't made tangible sales.

When you advertise your products, you do it with an expectation of getting a higher inflow of customers, consumers and partners. It becomes agonising when you've pumped your resources into advert placement and yet, there are no worthy sales to show for it.

You might begin to speculate about what went wrong, you might begin to consider gearing up your working hours, you might also start thinking of reducing your prices to attract potentates; in a more serious setting, you might start getting depressed!

How does the expansion you expect come?

Business expansion doesn't come because you have the "intent" to be a big business man. It comes by being the man!

I mean being the giant you have always envisioned, seeing yourself as the person who can and will be great!

Society has made us believe that certain businesses, jobs or professions could never succeed; but this isn't true at all. Having a big picture before you of where you want to be, how you want to operate and whom you want to meet will help you push hard towards it.Let your heart as a businessman be large enough to accomodate the fact that you can be the largest entrepreneur in your nation! It doesn't kill to dream. Get rid of pessimism concerning your business even when the environment and economy seem to be telling you otherwise.

The Prosperity Ark
First tip: Have an enlarged heart.

Amit Kalantri says, "A tongue doesn't get things done."

Yes, I asked you to have a big picture but you would be acting on the extreme when you sit and refuse to work.

Opportunities are always coated as "work". So, when you get a business deal asking you to make bulk of what you supply, do not chicken out thinking you're too small as a business to do it, likewise, do not be irresponsible as not to look out for resources to ensure that your business partner is satisfied. Look out fiercely for business opportunities far and near. Let other businesses know you as a stubborn threat and not a walk-over.

As a potential giant businessman, learn how to partner with other businesses too!

Immerse yourself fully in your character as a giant business person.

The Prosperity Ark
Second tip: Play the role.

Subconsciously, what you say plays a vital role in how your life goes. Speak success and you succeed and vice versa.

You have friends who are in the same business as you and because they are all complaining, you also join them in speaking failure, declaring low sales unintentionally, having an absolutely bad customer service ethic and being irresponsible in restocking finished products. 

The words of your mouth create events; it is the powerhouse of your life and it is your duty to take up your position in life by the words you declare over yourself!.

Last tip:Release the power

Dear giant businessman, your location is not your problem at all. Your qualifications do not limit you. It's not an issue when we see more than one big business rising from your nation!

See you at the top!

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