How to Improve Your Self-Confidence and Achieve Your Dreams

As a child, we must have had fantasies, dreams and certain visions we wish to accomplish as we grow older. But really, how many people can successfully carry out these big dreams and visions?

Many adults and budding youths have had many dreams swept under the carpet.

This might lead you to start contemplating if it was worth it to dream at all! I mean, you have heard it several times that you have to dream it to conceive it, you have to aspire to acquire and every other form of motivation, you have dreamed so many times, yet nothing tangible has been conceived.

Frustration and anger begin to set in. Anger at the nation's economy, at your background, at the government and your family; all creating a vicious circle that when left uncurbed, sponsors crime and mediocrity.

Yes, you might say you're old already; "I'm a father of two", "I'm a housewife now", "I  don't think I can go back to school", "I'm not studying my dream course" and on and on. Dear reader, I'll love to tell you this- You could always dream again!

The Prosperity Ark

But this dream of yours will not be left as a dream as you have done in your earlier years, you are to see it as a vision - the hunger to be the best version that could exist. Now, it will become a tool through which you can impact and improve your generation.

Consciously know and meditate on the fact that no gift or talent of yours is unimportant. You are a masterpiece and believe me, there's no better person on Earth than you at the moment. You are the best!

A lack of confidence in yourself or your intrinsic value is the greatest enemy you could face in life. You compare yourself to other people, downgrade your own ideas and insights because you think they are not flashy like others' and then, you fail. The cycle continues again.

It takes nothing to dream, it costs you nothing to have a glimpse of hope and confidence in yourself.

Love who you are, love how you are and stop operating in the realms of "feelings".

Great people do not wait till they "feel" great before they launch out.

Keep it in mind dear reader, that there is a bigger picture to what you are doing presently and your destiny can be fulfilled when that big picture drops in your heart.

Let it be etched into your being that nothing useless comes out of you, you are not a waste of Earth's resources.

The Prosperity Ark

So, my dear, stop wallowing in self-pity. Self-pity is not and will never be a commodity for wealth because people do not help you because you look pitiful; they help you because you have value you provide to them. Working for your success separates you from the ordinary.

Knowing what you are doing and being clear on how you are going to reach the peak of what you do grants you great confidence in life.


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