Fiction: Human Frailty

The sound of the gurney in the quiet night jolted me. The man in white approached us, his crisp shoes made terrifyingly low sounds, I saw him greet us, his mouth moving, his hands gesticulating, his head bowed and just like manic episodes claw at the mind of its victim, the reality clung to my mind that my best friend, whom I was chatting with some hours ago, had now crossed to the great beyond. The low cries of my hostel mistress and the hostel executives served as a reminder of the pain I was facing and just like a festering wound, it spread from my heart to the tips of my littlest finger. 

The Prosperity Ark

The autopsy report came in and it was discovered that my best friend suffered from a stroke and was brought in dead. How could a young and bubbly lady like that experience that kind of illness? She didn't even have any symptoms save the fact that she had been lethargic recently… I had even gotten her a bottle of blood supplements hoping to give them to her later! 

Returning to school, everyone was thrown off-balance by the news of her sudden death. Each person talked about how nice, how friendly, how troublesome, how…even the person whom we both had tagged as our common enemy came to pay her condolences - The Irony.

Life continued, and no one seemed to be affected. Everyone used her case as a comforting example to grind hard against life and move on, of course, aside from myself who had refused to accept reality. But, if there's one thing my friend's death taught me, it was the fickleness of the human mind. 

Therefore, dear reader, no matter how overwhelming whatever you are facing right now might be, do not let it get to you.

The Prosperity Ark

It's okay to cry, it's okay to scream, you can even call family members and friends to rant but one thing you must never allow is to let the situation snap your life out. 

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