Vacationing in Style: 8 Activities to Make the Most of Your Holidays in 2023

Greetings lovelies!

How have you been? I've been having an awesome time here anyways! Thank you.

It's not a strange thing for a person to be on holiday, right? At work, you're given a short period of leave, at school, there are semester breaks and sometimes, there might be certain national situations or strike actions which may require you to stay at home for a short period or otherwise, a very long period. 

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I was thinking about the lockdown that happened all over the world in 2020 as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak and I realised that in fact, that year was the turning point for me because I made good use of that long break. I talked with two to three colleagues and I was able to conclude that compared to people who kept complaining about the "forced" break at that time, we all had something to do and we are now different because of what we did.

From there, I have come up with some interesting ways you can spend your holidays!


A] Make an assessment of yourself in the previous year and how you can improve in the coming year.

Unexpected, ain't it?

Yes, it is not tangible enough for you to just head into a new attempt at work or school without assessing yourself - A very realistic assessment. Do not try to sugar-coat it if you need to reprimand yourself and do not be too humble about rewarding yourself either.

This will set you up properly and give you a chance to polish up your mind for the race ahead.

B] Step out.

A holiday wasn't given to you so that you could hole yourself up in your home. Step out for a breather, visit the amusement park, the zoo, the spa, register at a gym around you, be fit, attend a dance class, go to the cinemas. If possible, go with family members. Try to get rid of the frigid air that has been around you all year round.

C] Make new friends and acquaintances.

I am aware that your character trait might not be one to make friends. I don't make friends easily either, but that doesn't mean I do not have friends! Just one or two people whom you can share your deepest feelings with, who can be there for you when you feel your family members cannot understand you. Friends are important, they are an integral reason why you should be happy!

D] Learn a new skill.

Writing, cooking, public speaking, photography, knitting, affiliate marketing, graphics designing, hair styling, fashion designing and a lot more other skills can be learnt in a short period of time. Learning these skills helps to build character in you and bring in money at the same time! Who says you can't have both?

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E]Register for a course online.

This is another way you can spend your holidays especially if you're the type who does not want to step out at all!

As long as you have a good internet connection, you're good to go! Coursera and Coursary are one of the best sites to visit. You can learn business, writing, health and psychology among other interesting courses from World Class Universities and to be frank, these certificates can be used on your LinkedIn or other official profiles - A double win ain't it?

F]Engage in volunteering and charity.

Volunteer works and charity are now very common in this time and age of ours. It is an avenue for you to help some people improve their standard of living and make them know that they are loved. You can spend your holidays helping someone out there because it's not always about you at the end of everything.

The Prosperity Ark

G] Learn a new language.

There are over 7,000 languages in the world and you speak a maximum of two?

Common, this holiday might be what you actually need to learn a third and fourth and fifth language!

Duolingo, HelloTalk and LinguaLift are some very good avenues to learn more.

H]Improve on your spirituality.

I don't think this article can be complete without adding this. This was a great milestone for me in the COVID year. I was almost entering depression because I didn't step out at all; always in my home, talking alone, listening to news of people dying daily and sigh, it was pathetic!

But, I found God! I realised then, that the most important way to survive any holiday was to have a personal relationship with God. Have a spiritual family you can always call upon. It goes a long way in making life better for you.

My dearest lovelies, all of these points are from a personal point of view. It is not to dictate what you should or should not do and it is definitely not to attack anybody or group of people.

Sending loads of love from my home to yours💖💖💖💖💖

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