5 Important Workplace Skills You Should Have

In life, there are times when every human being needs to rely on external factors to succeed legally. Though success indeed starts from within every individual, it is also necessary to realise and accept the fact that there is so much self-motivation can do.

The knowledge of being a success will not go out there and apply for a job for you or learn to speak and keep conversations going. These seemingly "minor" skills are one of the propellants to ensure a successful life for an individual, especially for a youth who is just starting. These skills ensure that you maintain good social relationships, build new associations, maintain your self-esteem and give a better first impression about yourself to others.

This article refreshes my memory about a neighbour I once had. A vibrant and enthusiastic young man with very great self-esteem almost tending to narcissism. I loved his outlook on life but this neighbour of mine had a flaw. He had zero skills on how to succeed in society. His inability to keep a conversation made him drag his feet concerning his unemployment. Luckily for him, he got a job miraculously by someone else's recommendation, however, after two weeks, he lost his job!

He was devastated, depressed and inclined to suicide until I talked with him and got to know about his problem. I summarised his problem as one of the problems with adequate workplace skills. I made him realise five points which I believe will change your own life drastically too.

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He had very poor interpersonal skills.

Interpersonal skills are the skills used to interact with others effectively. It includes sharing, asking for permission, joining an activity, keeping the flow of a conversation and waiting for one's turn. It entails getting rid of the "me-first" syndrome at work and giving a chance to others, especially in a place where a high emphasis is placed on seniority.

There is a necessity for a person who will do well at work to have a positive atmosphere around him or her that will ensure great relationships and tight bonds between co-workers.

Poor dress sense and disobedience to workplace mode of dressing.

Every workplace has a code of conduct guiding its workers' dressing. However, most people tend to overlook these codes of conduct of dressing as they believe no one should dictate what they wear.

But, most employers prefer workers who would abide by workplace rules as they believe that such a person who is obedient in something as little as dress sense will be ready to accept guides without complaint, thereby, moving such organisation forward easily.

Poor conflict management skills.

This is another skill every worker must strive hard to acquire. It is the ability to manage disagreements between people or a group of people. It actively involves dealing with teasing, losing or accusations without losing oneself. It also requires the ability to refuse to form "little gangs" or groups of resentment-filled people.

As an employee, the ability to engage in discussion rather than conflict is usually valued greatly.

Poor time management and slow delivery of given assignments.

Time management is of utmost importance to any employer and an employee who likes to dawdle and waste time is easily replaced.

As an employee, understanding time management is a great asset because this gives you an upper hand over workplace competitors as learning to work under given time and being able to ensure very fast delivery of assignments is usually appreciated.

Lack of problem-solving skills

"If you were a boss, would you like a puppet employee?", I asked my former neighbour and now, dear reader, I'm asking you the same!

" No", came the swift reply of my former neighbour. 

I wonder what your reply is, my reader?

Whatever your reply is, I'll answer on your behalf.

No! No employer wants a liability in place of an asset. 

As a worker who doesn't want to be fired, learn to think fast and proffer business-saving and company-developing ideas. The fact is that if you were a constant problem solver, you would not suffer the curse of being retrenched.

Dear reader, these skills have to be honed by constant practice. You might succeed at once or otherwise, you might need to try it all over again several times. Either way, know that you are growing and your future self will thank your present self for making this sacrifice. Hoping to hear from a better version of you soon.

Till then, keep winning!

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