Beyond the Price Tag: Discovering 4 Underrated Capitals That Won't Break the Bank


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The common definition by which capital is known is by its monetary values. One gets to hear a businessman say he invested some capital into his business, a student also invests in his academics via tutorials, textbooks and other learning aids, and an employee invests in his job by buying good clothes and other necessary devices. Each person places a price tag on what they do because along the way, a sort of monetary investment has been made and profit is expected.

However, in this life, when we want to do great things, we don't measure them by money. This is the last thing to consider in doing anything big because other capitals speak louder than money.

A]The force of honour.

Honour depicts that regardless of age, gender, race, ethnicity or religion, a person is held highly esteemed. Honour is not equal to respect as respect entails esteeming a person by words of mouth or gestures like bowing or kneeling only.

Honour encompasses being respectful by both words of mouth and with your resources which are not necessarily your money. Honour to one's parents, boss, lecturers or acquaintances means that you regard them at the front lines without degrading or demeaning them or their reputation.

Having honour for other people is one of the greatest capital as it endears the hearts of men to you and opens up the gates of kings wide to you.

B] Excellence.

An excellent spirit is the backbone of success for any successful man or woman on Earth. Being excellent is not cliché, it is the response to the success in you because if it has never crossed your mind, then, it will never enter your hands. Excellence in what you do speaks louder than any currency you might possess at the time. Although it might look as if money makes the world go round to you, the spirit of excellence in you is what increases the output of what you have gotten by spending money. A company which is established by spending the largest sum of money will go bankrupt without excellent personnel handling various departments.

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C] Diligence

A diligent man is bound not to be affected by life's issues. Excellence is born out of diligence. Diligence means that a person perseveres and is determined in whatever he does. A capital which stands you out among your peers is the ability to produce massive wealth and great results with your life endeavours. Diligence makes a man prosper and money flows in the direction of a diligent man.


Any human who wants to take over his sector must be able to control his character and must be true in and out, being straightforward with all men and in all things.


Morals might be undermined in this world of ours, but, at the end of it all, the ones who triumph are those who excel in character. We must learn to subdue our bodies and get rid of temptations to waver and go the wrong path.

These capitals look archaic but they are the pillars by which any successful society or person must abide. They aren't born with a person, so, if you feel you do not have them, they can be cultivated and taken as a positive habit.


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