5 Important Lessons to Know Before You Clock 40

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"Life begins at 40!".

This quote which means that life could only get better once a person clocks forty years is one of the highly quoted quotes on the lips of young adults approaching forty years of age. 

While it is worth a great milestone to have a Ruby jubilee celebration, it is important to note that there are a lot of adults in society having a sackful of regret today because they have realised that crossing this age does not make any difference if there aren't parameters put in place to make their lives easier. How could one be eager enough to celebrate the mark of a new start tagged "40 years" when there are no achievements to cause ease to flow in coming years into one's life or if no morale to begin the new start is present?

How do you prevent yourself from entering this hub of regret as a young adult? How do you make your life go smoother once you clock 40 years? How do you ensure that in years to come, you can beat your chest with boldness and say, "Indeed, life begins at 40!"?  

You need to read this article today if you have asked yourself any of these questions!

1. Get engaged in personal development

The human mind has to be trained to achieve quality output in society and this training has to be done regularly. A person who will enjoy life after forty years of age has to actively engage in self-assessment, self-improvement and self-development. 

Self-assessment means grading oneself on a scale of one to one hundred on how one can cope with life if an unexpected situation arises. It deals with knowing your shock-absorbing level during crises, your think-fast ability when needed, your ability to bounce back from seeming problems and your ability to remain unruffled when everything seems to be tumbling around you in chaos.

The Prosperity Ark

Self-improvement comes after assessing yourself. It means that you take certain areas of your life having a lower assessment to a notch higher. You could read books, attend classes on etiquette, public speaking or social engagements, talk with personal development professionals and actively get involved in volunteer work which will test your ability to test.

Self-development entails learning an entirely new subject, one which you have not learned or have tried to learn and failed. You could pick up learning a new language, training yourself up in baking, picking up writing skills, learning a new sport or getting involved in stock broking.

Ensuring that you improve your personality helps you get another stream of income and at the same time, gives you another overview of how life could operate.

2. Take care of your health

Many young adults tend to ignore their health either subtly or glaringly. However, the older folks who have successfully crossed the age of forty know that life does not operate in a way where you ignore your health.

The body's organs and systems grow older as a person grows physically older too and they have to be maintained pink of health at all times. A person does not just break down unexpectedly; a person breaks down because the body's organs and systems have been deteriorating gradually until they cannot function properly.

As a young adult, learn to see a doctor when one feels uncomfortable anywhere in one's body, take the doctor's instructions without getting involved in self-medication, avoid staying up late at night as much as possible and reduce levels of caffeine, alcohol and tobacco intake are one of the methods to ensure that one lives a good life after crossing forty years of age.

3. Monitor your finances with perceptivity

Finances could be said to be one way where everyone is either on a losing spree or on a winning galore; there is no mid-way. As a young person who has not clocked forty years, having a buoyant financial life might not mean much to you. You have a job that pays well regularly, your family is doing amazingly well, your parents are not in short supply and so, your finances are in disarray. You do not take records of earnings or expenditures, you do not take accounts of money lent out or borrowed. Living life this way will confuse a person once he attains forty years of age!

The Prosperity Ark

As one approaches celebrating your Ruby jubilee, learning to take stocks and record accounts is necessary. Avoid borrowing unnecessarily, avoid spending blindly, and do away with lending indiscriminately. Your cash flow has to have a well-thought-out pattern so that your older days could be spent in peace.

The services of a finance manager could be employed to help one in taking care of one's accounts as well as ensuring that these accounts are not bordering the red line.

4. Have a good association and relationship with other people

Before clocking forty, a person has to make sure that the associations they keep would improve their lives and not one that will drag them down.

Having friends whom a person can turn to in times of trouble is a great asset any person above forty years craves to have. As a young adult who is yet to cross forty years, friends who are ready to add value to you should be your go-to people. As a married young adult, your spouse should also be one of the people you share secrets with. People come and go and whether we like it or not, people die. Your best friends out there could die early and you will be left with your spouse, having a great relationship with them should be one of a young adult's focus.

5. Have a mindset of making an impact on your society

Kevin Kruse says, "Life is about making an impact, not making an income."

As much as it is sweet to have a good income and financial capacity, forty is awesome to celebrate when one realises that one lives to make a positive impact on society.

The Prosperity Ark

As an adult approaching forty, a mindset to give back to society is one which will make you live a peaceful life in days to come. You could enter into politics, take part in charity, and organise talks and shows for younger folks to ensure that the atmosphere of your society is very positive.

Dear young adult, I congratulate you as you approach the Ruby age and I hope that you, your association, your society and your nation will benefit because you have read this article.

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