3 Secrets To Creating Opportunities

Each person makes decisions every day that have an impact on our lives, either directly or indirectly. Assume you hadn't made it, the choice might not have been made by you. If so, who chooses to accept the decision if it pertains to you? –You.

Eventually, everything comes down to our capacity for making choices, whether or not the decision is made.

As a student, you make decisions regarding your course of study, circle of friends, joining a political organization or not and your GPA.

All these decisions, the choices and the considerations all have the potential to either make you or break you. And it all relies on the fact that the opportunity was created for you as a result of your choices. 


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There have been many different ideas about what an opportunity is and how we only have one chance to succeed in life —just one chance — at the right time, place, and manner. But really, this does not apply to everyone; there isn't just one door of opportunity but several doors. Yes, there are opportunities available to us, though they may look as though they are not endless but we sure have a handful. A handful might not seem like a lot but "good things come in small packages". Besides, a handful is greater than none. 

As students, we've been told:

"Graduate with a first class, if you miss it from your year 1, it'll be hard if not impossible to find an opportunity to get it right again."

"Those friends won't get you anywhere, drop them." 

"You can't afford to lose this opportunity." 

"Studying this course wouldn't pay, why not try out an engineering course?" 

But what really is an opportunity? What is the opportunity we're missing out on? 

"Opportunity is a favorable set of conditions that allows you to carry out your obligations or pursue your interests." 

This definition doesn't imply it happens only once in life. There is no definition of 'opportunity' worldwide that implies a one-off benefit.

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I witnessed something recently and it got me thinking. An examination candidate arrived at the examination location 20 minutes prior to the end of the papers and the other parents who were present that day kept sighing and lamenting how he had blown his chance and how difficult it would be for him to find another chance as the exam was said to be easy this time. As soon as I saw this, I felt terrible because the boy who was jittery became more unsteady to write the test because the adults around were not helping matters.

The same situation happens whenever you're having academic difficulties or if you blew a scholarship application. Why is the reaction the same every time? Why would you think you missed your only opportunity? 

It is a favourable set of conditions, hence make the conditions! When you make the conditions, you will obviously do them in your favour. Why wait for someone to dictate when it can happen, when you know you can do something about it?

This has led me to reveal the three steps on how to create opportunities.


Wouldn't it be so beautiful that no matter how much you fall, you can always get up because you know it is not the end? That's how it feels to have a strong mind. And this is the first step to creating opportunities. 


Most people are unaware of the fact that having a mind strong enough to persevere is what truly opens doors. Many of the individuals who are now role models for us began with this. These people, like Thomas Edison, Oprah Winfrey, Cynthia Okafor, Tinu-Philips and even the founder of KFC, didn't give up no matter what, and this opened the door to their opportunities. There's no reason to be afraid of failures; failures only pave the way for a success that can be held accountable.

"When you hit rock bottom, there's only one way left to go, up."  

The Prosperity Ark

Besides, what if you find diamonds in your rock bottom? You will be killing two birds with one stone! You've found a diamond, and you're more than motivated to go up. 


Certainly, having a strong willpower to keep going is essential, but it is equally important to have a vision of where you want to be in a few years' time. Not everyone has the ability to do this and so, you must intentionally hone this skill in you. It doesn't matter what you name it—daydreaming, wishing, imagination, or anything else—not everyone has this ability. It all depends on you because not everyone is capable of optimism or imagination.

Being optimistic simply indicates that you think there's a better way; it doesn't make you weak. No matter how many chances you've missed, once you visualize where you want to be in the future, you'll be compelled to achieve, irrespective of how many opportunities you might have lost.


Do not give up even though it may seem like you have put a lot of effort into something for a long period with nothing to show for it.

The Prosperity Ark

Your limit can always be surpassed, keep trying at it. Many others succeeded and improved their tenacity with each setback. Keep up the good job; after all, it's your future. You want to be given access to multiple doors of opportunity rather than just one so that you can always choose the finest.

Wouldn't life be more beautiful to you if you know there's always an "after" at the end? 

There are always multiple opportunities available; all you have to do is work toward making them happen. Instead of waiting for an opportunity to present itself, seize it immediately. Each door of opportunity opens to a following one, providing a continuous stream of opportunities.

Don't give up if the academics aren't working for you; you are the best judge of what is best for you. Don't let results define who you are; instead, recognize your strengths. There are more opportunities out there, just know your stroke.

"Different strokes, for different folks." 


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