Poetry: There Must Be A God

Is it just me or is it just my thoughts?

Am I dreaming or is it a fantasy?

Is nature all I've got?

Or am I just too deep into celibacy?

The Prosperity Ark

I look at the sky in its gloriousness and bright clouds,

The sight of the sun on my skin and it's glamour,

The cool breeze of the evening, blowing my face,

The dark cold night, 

The shining stars and moon I gaze,

The movement of the trees beautifying nature

Little reptiles and all kinds of creature

My eyes beholding this Clouds, 

I can't shift my focus,

To touch and feel its softness my hand desires,

I can't start talking about the shout of the waves,

How it claps its hands it's music to my ears.

The growth of a child,

the beginning of a young tender plant,

the depth of the oceans where wild beast hide their heads,

The white clouds without stains

The waving of the palm tree branches

The beauty of nature and its people.

And I thought to myself, 

There definitely is a God up there.

Watching over us,

making things work out without difficulty or mistakes,

hides beauty in ashes

and wildness in the thick forests and oceans.

There definitely is a God.


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