Poetry: Nostalgia

Shadows and darkness,

Mind clouded with clouds of distress,

Out of gloom and nothingness, 

The coolness of the rain becoming a stress.

The Prosperity Ark

How I long for fellowship,

How I desire the delicate touch of your lip

How I miss the aroma and the wine we sip

How I wish to hold your garment's tip.

Shall I compare thee to the morning sun?

For you are the morn and twilight sun.

or shall you be compared to a man's first son?

You are so perfect, yes you are the one.

The glowing of your white garment as of old

As we walk around the street of gold,

tender and loving, when you look me in the eyes

Yet fierce, strong and powerful, it's almost lies.

Perfection at its peak,

As your servants work without a leak,

Still, in my weaknesses, I am the one you pick.

I feel so rich like honey and milk.

I desire your warm embrace.

Memories are left with all this space,

I want to hold you and again and again 

all for your love and some to my gain.

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