I Started Stretch As A Whatsapp Group - Akinwole-Idowu Goodness

Stretch International which has been the new rave in the world of upcoming and present-day businesses was founded by Akinwole-Idowu Goodness. In her exclusive interview, Goodness takes the Prosperity Ark's Correspondence on a sneak peek of who she is.

Akinwole-Idowu Goodness

GWC: Can we meet you?

GOODNESS: My name is Akinwole-Idowu Goodness. I was born and bred in Ibadan, Oyo state Nigeria. I’m a graduate of law from the University of Ibadan and I am also a corporate event manager. I freelance, but I currently work with Welcome2Africa International. I was born in the best month(June). I love Jesus, being with family and friends, watching movies and teaching😊.

GWC: Succinct! I love that! 

You started "Stretch" recently, what's it all about? How did you feel when you had your first conference?

GOODNESS: Yes, I started STRETCH International in the year 2020. The month of April precisely. Stretch International started as a mindset re-engineering class. I was putting up some content on my WhatsApp status and randomly asked how many people would like to know more about the mind and I opened a WhatsApp group. Alas! I had up to 200 people join the group. Later in the year, God spoke to me about starting as an organisation. It became better structured and better clarity came and I understood I was to help Christians especially in their marketplace reach their highest potential. 

We’ve had online classes and conferences since our inception, but our first physical conference was held in August 2021. It was a time of trusting and learning. I learnt to trust God and I also saw him work with me in return. It was an amazing experience.

GWC: From the way you speak, I perceive you're an ardent believer and so, you must have big dreams for your future and your faith. Do you mind sharing this with us?

GOODNESS: I have a lot of big dreams. The first is that I see Stretch International going global. My goal is 200million businesses for Jesus. Helping 200million business owners do business God’s way. This way, the kingdom of God is populated and God’s children experience prosperity as we should.

I hope to grow in my career as an events manager as well. Become a sought-after events manager and business consultant for SMEs.

GWC: You're so cool! I mean, considering the numbers you stated just now. Amazing! 

I look forward to seeing you succeed.

Do you have fears as regards this great dream of yours and the future generally?

GOODNESS: Hmmm, my greatest fear … I don’t know if I have one, but if I did it would be losing people. No matter how old my Grandpa is, I don’t want him to ever die😩.

GWC: What was and will continue to be your source of strength in times when you feel like quitting?

GOODNESS: In times when I feel like quitting, my source of strength has always come from God’s word majorly. Reading and hearing God's word and actively practising faith. My family and friends have also proven to be a great source of strength for me.

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GWC: Hmmm…Who are the people who inspire you? Also, do you have nonhuman factors that inspire you?

GOODNESS: I draw inspiration from a lot of people and organisations. My man of God, Pastor Tara Akinkuade inspires me. The way he carries out multiple projects and succeeds at them all has always amazed me. 

Also, I have people like Pastor Poju Oyemade, Pastor Sam Adeyemi, and programs like The platform, Millions conference and many others.

GWC: Oh my goodness! You're a colossus ma'am!

Given this, What would you love to say to encourage other youths who do business or are life coaches?

GOODNESS: Well, I’d like to say they should never lose themselves in the process of giving to others. Remember at all times that your growth and process are very important as well. Also, whenever you feel drained, take out time to find yourself. You don’t have to achieve it all at once.


GWC: Good! Wise words there.

What do you think about the Nigerian Sectors? What things do you hope to see improvements on?

GOODNESS: The Nigerian sectors are very promising. The problem we have is the underutilisation of our resources and potential. We can do more than we give ourselves credit for. I hope to see improvements first, in the way we view ourselves and talk about our industry. I believe being positive is the beginning of seeing changes. Also, we need more ideas and people who are genuinely interested in the growth and development of Nigeria and who will also work tirelessly and selflessly to see the sectors grow.

GWC: This… I'm so speechless right now. Indeed, you have lived up to your reputation of being one of the best life coaches out there. I wish you and Stretch International a quantum leap in all you do.

GOODNESS: Thank you very much. You can follow us on Instagram too.

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