My Mum Is My Biggest Support System - The Story of One Young Lady Whose Mother Impacted Her

This week, our Correspondent, Oluwagbemisola Akinjobi met up with the 2022-crowned Miss Summer Russia, Etta Nnamuten. She shares her lifestyle, path, and motivation to succeed.

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GWC: Can we get to know you?

ETTA:  I am Etta Victoria Nnamuten born on the 18th of November. I am the only daughter of my parents and currently, I study at the Kazan State Medical University, Russia. I am 19years old, I love track events and I am actively interested in psychology. I have a pet peeve of seeing people dragging their feet.

GWC: That's awesome Miss Etta! You got a feather in your cap some years back as the new Miss Summer Russia and while going through your Instagram post, I saw a picture of you covering your face and crying, or was it laughing now? What emotions were you having then? 

ETTA: (Laughs) Actually at that point, it was my surname that was announced first and because the master of ceremony didn't know how to pronounce my name, he got stuck at "Etta" and I was wondering if it was mine or someone else's. Finally, when my name was called, I was shocked and then, had a flashback of all I've been through within thirty seconds before I came back to myself, and then, down came the tears of excitement and gratefulness.

GWC: Ohhh…so emotional! Do you care to share the success story behind this win?

ETTA: Well, it all started about three months ago, I saw the flyer on a general WhatsApp page, and though I had never seen myself as part of a pageant I applied anyway.

Discouragements from some people started pouring in but still, I forged ahead. Medicine isn't easy to put side-by-side with pageantry so I had to find a space to juggle both together because I believe that wearing clothes isn't about just wearing something, it's about finding something that can represent you.

A week before the main pageantry event, my tailors disappointed me and I almost gave up, called my mum and cried to her, and then, she told me, "Nnamuten, stop crying, you're going to eat, you're going to take a shower, and go to sleep, once it's morning, you pack your bags and travel." That was the word I needed at that point because no one knew I had cried that night. The push to go through with it came from my mum who is my biggest support system.

GWC: What a story!

From your words, I can infer that your mum inspires you a lot. Do you have any situation that has also served as a source of inspiration to you?

ETTA:  Okay, for the situation, I think there is one.

In secondary school, I was always going to competitions whether or not I registered because my school will always put in my name but I  never made it to the next round. In SS2, I went for a particular competition, Interswitch Spak 1.0, I only wrote my name casually and then, went for the holidays. I was at home enjoying my break when I was called and although I was tired of not making it to the next round I went ahead and miraculously, I came first in the final rounds in the whole of Abuja. That event has made me believe that only God's time is the best time to announce you.

GWC: What are your aspirations for the future?

ETTA: I see myself talking to my generation and those after me. I see myself in public speaking, empowering youths, in particular, giving them the right motivations to move forward, I see myself going into Psychology. I see myself in my orange room and sitting on a chair listening to people. In Nigeria, Psychology is kind of undermined so I have an interest in this because Medicine alongside Psychology will go a long way. I have no fears about achieving all of these because I have my plans and I know what's best for me. Besides, God's got my back at all times.

GWC: Cool! Indeed, God's got your back!

As a winner today, there must have been periods you felt down and out and wished to quit, what kept you going? What would you love to say to youths to encourage them not to give up and just go through with the process?

ETTA: To every youth out there, I want you to find yourself and know what you want. Know that it wouldn't be all rosy but you must have faith, believe, and be patient.

The farther you go, the harder it may seem but in the end, when you keep pushing, you get the best result.

GWC: On behalf of every youth, I thank you, Etta!

Do you have a favourite quote?

ETTA: Yeah, I do. I heard it at my brother's graduation from his secondary school in Abuja, Nigeria. It is "Pray for the best and prepare for the worst". 

GWC: Do you have any parting words of encouragement for everyone?

ETTA: I'd like to say to everyone out there that nothing good comes easy, there's going to be tears but you just hold God tight. Do not evolve away from him. My manager likes to say, "Olúwa oooo", a Yoruba dialect to invoke God's presence and he uses it to speak things into manifestation.

You must know your dreams and let what you do be what you want to do. It is okay to fail but always be ready to move back up!

GWC: Thank you for this awesome time with us. We, at The Prosperity Ark are grateful and we wish you more wins! We would continue to support you and watch you grow bigger.

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