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The Gbemi Writes Blog started in May 2021 with the vision of seeing many more people raised as giants and colossi who can stand tall in their fields of choice. We have been actively working towards that goal of seeing many transformed and we were able to break the barriers and enter five countries in the year 2021.
Gbemi Writes

In 2022, the vision got bigger and we began to include real-life experiences from top students, managing directors, business owners, and beauty queens among many others. We have seen a lot of people begin to testify of their changes and our capacities were enlarged as we had blog visits from over thirty-six countries in the whole of 2022.

This year, 2023, we have received a much stronger vision of forcefully advancing and equipping more lives, entering nations and helping more people who are yet to find out their sense of direction in life. Because of this, a limited slot for volunteers has been open to help more people be a part of the initiative impacting people's lives.

However, all applicants should note that this is voluntary work and they will not be paid although their articles, design or whatever has been done will be solely published under their names and data remuneration provided when needed.

If you would like to be a part of this massive initiative, kindly register at:

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