The Surprising Benefits of Setting Boundaries in Your Life

Do you know that self-care 101 is about setting healthy boundaries? It is setting both physical and emotional boundaries. Setting boundaries is saying yes to your needs—emotionally, physically, and mentally. It is saying no to things you want to abstain from or to things that make you uncomfortable. It is simply putting yourself first, which is the right thing to do. It's not wrong of you to have your personal opinion about what you would do or not regardless of how everyone else views it.

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Why Are Boundaries Important? Boundaries create a space between you and others. Boundaries give you a world for yourself. Physically setting boundaries is like closing a door. Mentally and emotionally, it's separating your feelings and needs from that of others. Boundaries give us this power so that we can live life without giving our all and getting nothing in return. It protects us from emotional, physical and mental manipulations and betrayals. With boundaries, you know where you stand while relating with others and you don't end up walking in the shadows of others. It gives you a sense of self. Boundaries create safety and understanding in relationships. It helps people know what line to go over and what not to cross. It keeps people in check and helps them understand how to behave around you. When you set boundaries, you're protecting yourself, your feelings, emotions and interests. You're recognising what you need and asking for it. Saying "NO" can be really difficult especially when it comes to friends, family or loved ones but, it's important to note and remember that those boundaries are healthy and in no way makes you selfish. When it comes to saying no, you have to communicate politely

a) Use direct and clear language. Don't attempt to keep people's hearts by having contrasting behaviours, let those who need to go, go and keep those who need to stay with everything you've got.

b) Use an individual pronoun; single out yourself - Use an "I" statement. Don't attempt to speak or think on behalf of other people. Let them find out what is best for them by themselves.

In a nutshell, setting boundaries is self-compassion. It is tuning in your needs, letting go of guilt and being you!


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