Letting Go of Guilt: A Step-by-Step Guide to Self-Forgiveness

Reading the topic, you might have thought about how odd it was to forgive yourself. I mean, why should I be unforgiving towards myself? But, in a world filled with depressed and almost suicidal people, everywhere, almost everyone has had a small corner where they beat themselves up - curling up in a corner, licking their wounds, feeling pitiful, having the thoughts that life was all against you and pegged you in the prison of guilt.

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Sometimes, it might be your mistake - of which you're aware or it might be some silly slips that you weren't even aware of. It makes you feel stupid, used and in the worst-case scenario, you might have lost time, resources, character or relationships. How then do you bounce back and regain your happiness? How do you move above the grief and see the beauty in your life?

1. Remember

In learning how to let go and forgive yourself, it is important to inculcate the habit of remembering the good old times. Intentionally recall the wise and beautiful things you did, the amazing innovations you pioneered, the cohorts you led and the blind old man behind the alley you helped the other day. Learn how to be big on celebrating your past achievements no matter how small or inconsequential they appear. After remembering, share it with as many people as care to listen to you and as you do that, you will end up realising that whatever issues you're beating yourself up over isn't a big deal at all.

2. Align Your Words

Although society has made us open to constantly telling how we feel, we must learn not to take it to the extreme of always spewing negativities. It isn't wrong to talk about how you feel but it's totally wrong the moment you begin to let those words enter into your soul and affect your default settings. 

Instead of seeing how you failed to read which cost you your scholarship, why not speak words that breathe life, words like, 'I am a success', 'I do not back down', and 'I am a fighter'. Instead of seeing how your marriage failed because of you, why not see yourself as the most valuable personality that could have ever walked on earth? Why not believe that the people who refused you lost out on a very important person? Refuse to be the victim and see yourself rise and live victoriously.

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3. Walk in love and trust

A crucial aspect of forgiving yourself is learning how to walk in love and trust people, including yourself. Many people know how to smile at others, tell them it's okay to fail and even trust other people unconditionally yet, they cannot place the same measure or more on themself. They feel they do not deserve it - which of course, is a lie.

You deserve all the love in the world, you are worthy to be trusted, nothing is too good for you and you are definitely not a continuous failing project. Life is beautiful because of you so rise to this reality and love, trust and encourage yourself more every day.


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    This is quite impactful. Thank you for this


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