Why Bedbugs Are Not A Total Nuisance

Bedbugs are quite peculiar insects and if you have had any altercations with them, you will agree that they can be very annoying. My annoyance with them made me check them out and to my amazement, they are fit enough to be used as a case study.

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These bugs do not have a particular season when they live - they live throughout the year, though their peak season ranges between August and September. They are true bugs, from the genus Cimex (Cimex lecturalius). They are wingless and survive by feeding on human blood. Studies have shown that they are attracted to the carbon dioxide humans exhale which attracts them to the most viable place where exhalation can occur regularly - the bed. Their presence causes a lot of panic and they are quite tough to eradicate. 

What do we need to study and implement from these blood-sucking insects?

Here are a few facts about bed bugs that contribute to their amazing survival skills or abilities: 

1. Bed bugs are very small insects yet can survive for long.

The size of an egg of a bedbug is barely about 1mm, and an adult bedbug is barely 5mm. This makes it easy for them to go unseen in homes. Many times, they hide in clothing creases or around stitches on the sofa. For every individual, one thing we must learn from these insects is the ability to dig our wells in silence. Although we might feel the time is ripe to showcase what we have, like the bugs, learn to step back a little and ascertain that you have enough capacity to withstand the pressure of the human shoe tips - in this case, the government policies, price regulations and expertise required of you. 

2. Bed bugs can go for as long as a year without food

These tiny insects ingest food seven times their body weight at once and their ability to store this much food helps them go for long periods without eating.

Every human must learn to put a knife to their throat - not literally, but in the sense of learning how to hold back your appetite (not only food in this case, but also money, resources, positions etc) especially when you are before potentates. Like the bugs, build your capacity to stretch sometimes, without a visibly clear reward. 

Your stretch will never leave you the same way as you will have successfully built up the capacity for leadership, tenacity and the right fortitude for success. 

3. The anaesthetic effects of their bites are top-notch

Little wonder you tend to feel nothing when being bitten by a bedbug. This is because the saliva of these insects has a component which acts as an anaesthetic. This leads to an increase in blood flow at the site of the bite, reducing the pain and therefore making us oblivious to the ongoing activities.

You are done digging your wells in silence, you have stretched and put a knife to your throat and now is the time for the results to be displayed. Like the bugs, you must have a high threshold to accommodate certain people's caustic remarks, criticisms, and negative feedback and must not be averse to their suggestions and positive feedback too.

This entails that your emotions are numb and entirely separate from whatever you have presented to the world. Be glad to take in the criticism but do not let it touch your soul so you do not have to wallow in guilt for a long time. 

The Prosperity Ark

Just the same way as you will need professional help whenever there is a bug infestation, you can also seek help whenever you think you are not making use of the life lessons from them well. It is okay to request help when you need it and it does not make you any less successful. Goodbye!

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