From Boastful to Broken: The Dilemma of the Owl

I am a kind of fruit. I have three eyes and reside at a great height above the ground. I know everything because I see everything. Every September 2nd, I am always celebrated, what am I? 

It happened in the garden of Illinois a long time ago. I'm not sure why, but there were exactly twenty Coconut trees and twenty White Baneberries in the park. Mr Three Eyes, a coconut tree that had experienced sunny sunshine and wet rainfall on mother earth for twenty years, was the gardens' leader. Apart from his coconut family, Mr Three Eyes had two close friends: Doll's Eye, the dreamer Baneberry, and Mr Scotopic, the proud Owl.

Mr Three Eyes was ready to retire to bed one faithful evening when Mr Scotopic arrived hooting and tooting at his door.

The Prosperity Ark

"Mr Three Eyes, even though you have three eyes, my vision is superior to yours." Mr Scotopic bragged, "Unlike you, I can see at night and go without my sight during the day."

Mr Three Eyes flapped his petiole, his leaflets rustling alongside, delaying for a time as he considered how to subdue Mr Scotopic’s arrogance. 

"On one condition, I would agree with you. Without eating tonight, keep your eyes closed throughout the day tomorrow." "Yes...yes," Mr Scotopic replied, eager to spite his pal. The enormity of the challenge came on him on the way to his roost, but his pride prevailed.

Mr Three Eyes went to meet Doll's Eye about noon the next day, walking quickly with his head down to avoid the searing rays of the fierce sun.  

"Good afternoon. What is the significance of the leaflets over your eyes? "Who are you hiding from?" he inquired.

Doll's Eye burst out laughing and said, ", the leaflets are my sunshades." So, how about you? You're running a little late today."

"Oh, an Owl held me up last night." We spoke till late at night."

"Speaking of owls, just before you arrived, a blind owl was feeding in the yard." It almost had my eyeballs, but instead ate my toxic leaflets. I am concerned about its current status."

“Wow. Otherwise, your ambition of travelling the world would have been destroyed. According to the owl, I hope it wasn't Mr Scotopic. "I guess I'll have to wait till night to see whether there's any need to be concerned," Mr Three Eyes commented before departing for his home.

Mr Three Eyes was on his way to Mr Scotopic's roost the next morning when daylight broke, with Doll's Eye accompanying him. He'd walked up and down restlessly all night with Doll's Eye, waiting for his pompous pal to arrive, hooting and tooting about his triumph, but oh no!

"Knock...knock," he said, pressing his exocarp against the roost's entrance. He was greeted with Mr Scotopic's shrieks of "Please Help…", "Who's there?"

"This is your friend, Mr. Three Eyes. "Relax. What occurred?"

"Per your challenge, I didn't eat during the night," Scotopic continued somberly. Hunger and pride led me to scavenge aimlessly at lunchtime. I ate till I was full. But when I arrived home, I became really ill and lost my sight. Please assist me; I apologise for being arrogant."

The Doll's Eye, moved by compassion and seeing an opportunity to accomplish his ambition, presented his eyes to Mr Scotopic, and the three friends lived happily ever after.

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