4 Rules By Which Life Operates

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Change is inevitable and every living being on Earth changes at one point in their lives or the other - the most evident one being physical growth. A longing to live better than what you currently are is not necessarily an attribute of greed; sometimes, it depicts that you are ready to refuse the status quo and be enlarged. Life operates by rules, rules are made by man and rules are never-ending. To move from one phase in life to a grander phase equates to finding a set of rules that work well and conform to one's personality. These rules might be simple or complex depending on the vastness of one's heart, therefore, four simple rules which are applicable to change any type of person regardless of age, sex or race have been highlighted here.

1. Sow

To do well in life, a person must cultivate the habit of sowing tangible seeds. There are so many seeds in the world today and each type of seed requires premium efforts from each individual. Seeds of time, seeds of resources, seeds of honour and seeds of money are four major seeds every human being who wishes to do well must sow. In sowing these seeds, comfort must be far from one's thoughts as these seeds require a great deal of sacrifice. 

To sow seeds of time means that your time is well managed and while you were meant to have your entertainment with 'peer groups', you spend this time imbibing materials that will increase your depth of wisdom. This doesn't mean that entertainment is bad, but sowing large seeds of time means that your entertainment period is at its barest minimum.

Seeds of resources and money are necessary for building one's capacity through professional training, cohort learnings and conferences. The type of character a person has is a reflection of the number of resources such a person has invested in himself or herself. Sowing the seeds of resources might mean that certain money meant for fashion, food or entertainment is cut, but one must realise that in doing big things in life, one does not think about cash.

Seeds of honour must be down when one meets personalities who are doing well in their sectors. Honour is not equal to respect by words alone - honour means respect with your resources no matter how 'little' it looks monetarily. 

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Sowing these seeds means that a person is intentional about his growth and will stretch all he has to the maximum until he's incapable of stretching.

2. Save

Saving means the reservation of resources for future purposes. Saving is usually associated with money and this is another principle to abide by if one will experience change. Sowing does not come about just by wishing, especially sowing seeds of honour and resources. It must be well accumulated either through a short period or a long period. 

The Prosperity Ark

Joe, a 25-year-old graduate of economics, wishes to change his level of living. He was invited to a seminar where the CEO of a multi-million business has been invited to impart financial knowledge to the audience. However, for better accountability, each participant was to pay a token of 25 dollars. Joe is stranded because he has no money and down goes his dream of having a better life! 

From our excerpt above, the importance of saving is emphasised. One must learn to save, not for rainy days but for days when opportunities that will change one's life arises.

3. See

A person who will experience drastic change must learn to see - see opportunities. Opportunities are everywhere, investors are all around looking for start-ups that will provide solutions to their questions, and Pharaoh-like people are everywhere awaiting Josephs that will interpret their dreams.

One's location does not matter, it is one's ability to see that depicts if one will have a changed life or remain an underdog forever. For a person to change his life, he must realise that opportunities do not drop on people's laps - they must be intentionally chased after and taken.

4. Strike

The next step after seeing is taking action. Your action spirals and creates a reaction which could either be a success or failure. The process of changing the status quo is a forceful action and intentionality, exceptionality and intensity are wings by which change must take place. Striking is continuous, you do not stop until the barriers have been completely shattered so that you can move on to the next level.

In cases where failure has been experienced, a person must go back to seeing and sourcing for resources once again and then, striking them down in one fell swoop!

Dear one, these rules are simple and when taken cognisance of, will ensure a superb life for you.

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