Poetry: Expectations

My hope set high above the mountains

Excitement overdosed

Butterflies in my belly

The joy of seeing what you so desire walking towards you.

Finally, something worth celebrating.

But the closer it gets the farther it goes

Fading out of my sight 

My hope, fantasy, and desire 

Did I do something wrong?

What did I fail to achieve?

Is it my imagination playing tricks on me again?

Have I desired something above my reach?

On what level must I be to reach my wish?

Which destiny must I fulfil to soar, to be rich?

Why has disappointment filled my heart?

Slowly my soul is disappearing.

Can someone call 911?


A failed expectation has kidnapped me.

Oh, the soberness of depression

The depth of a wounded heart.

Why do people make promises they can't fulfil?

Why do people encourage things they can't give?

Of what profit is vowing something you don't have?

Where will it lead?

Where will it end?

When will my heart heal?

A shattered promise

A failed lie

Killing slowly until one fades away.

The vapour of lies and letdown,

the fog of my expectation.

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