Beyond the Brink: How to Keep Going When Failure Seems Inevitable

In a marathon, the race isn't determined by the starting line. Even if you stumble at the sound of the starting pistol, it doesn't define your race. As Muhammad Ali wisely stated, "You don’t lose if you get knocked down. You lose if you stay down."

The Prosperity Ark

In chess, victory or defeat isn't sealed until the checkmate. Along the way, you might lose a few pawns, but the game persists.

The battle isn't truly lost until every territory is surrendered. Even if all seems lost, as long as you're breathing, there's a chance to fight another day.

You have the power to turn things around, to right the ship. You can command the raging storm to calm itself. There's no need for discouragement now. Brush off the dust from your shoes; they will shine again. Wash your feet, and keep walking. With each step, they'll be cleansed, and no one will discern your past or present journey.

Hold your head high and keep your chin above the water. Refuse to be submerged by the flood; instead, let its current carry you. Duck, but don't let yourself drown. Use your strength to stay afloat, stroke by stroke, on the water's surface. Persist and refuse to be overwhelmed; help may be closer than you think. It's similar to what an insect does: it stays afloat until a leaf drifts by, offering it a way out.

Shout, scream, weep, and wail if you must. Let your tears flow, but make sure they are not in vain.

The Prosperity Ark

Let those tears cleanse your eyes of the darkness of the night, so you can witness the bright prospects that dawn brings.

A bad situation isn't necessarily a hopeless one. 

Even a wrecked ship still floats, and its passengers can use its remnants to reach the shore.

If you obstruct the stream's path, it will persistently work to overcome the barrier. It won't be defeated by your actions; it will either swiftly find another way or gradually erode your obstruction. One way or another, whether in your earthly existence or beyond, the stream will prevail. You might not be there to witness it. Just think of how the Sea Lion Cave was formed.

Even when faced with death, the rooster fights on. If you lower your guard, it may slip away, perhaps with its head hanging by a thread.

If you crush an anthill, the ants will rebuild. Crush it again, and they'll start anew. Diligently and patiently, they regroup and persevere. They are among the most tenacious of creatures. Shouldn't you learn from them? Aren't you supposed to be more significant and wiser? How is it that ants excel in the art of resilience? You faltered once, experienced pain, and halted. Why? Because you fear another loss. But do you know how many times ants have lost their homes? Floods, boots, and fierce winds have taken their shelters, yet they persist. Extinction is not an option for them. Regardless of the adversity or its effects, they never give up. Failure fuels their determination, and homelessness inspires them to build again.

So, be cautious the next time you stomp on an ant, and its comrades gather around. If you stay to mock, one might venture deep into your trousers, silently along the seam, and deliver a sting to your sensitive skin. Perhaps to teach you not to quit, for you will scratch and scratch, yet the itching won't cease. Or maybe because it knows that no matter how uncomfortable, you will do nothing but squirm, murmur, and complain. Which path will you choose?

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