How to Establish Habits that Lead to Excellence

Excellence does not necessarily mean perfection but in the course of striving for excellence, perfection is attained. In every endeavour of life, everyone must have heard one or more sentences on doing their best at a given time, however, only a minimal number of people have what it takes to attain excellence.

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Not that others do not have the desire - far be it. But, the majority do not know what to do to keep being excellent or to be excellent. The steps to follow are not far-fetched; they are done every day and only need a higher level of continuity and intentionality.

1. Never be satisfied

This does not in any way advocate greed or selfishness. It simply means that one can begin the journey towards excellence by refusing to maintain the status quo.

"What more can I do better?" should be a question that must be kept ringing in everyone's mind. Whatever you do at whatever level definitely has a better and more innovative way to carry it out, excellence requires that you work towards finding it out.

2. Anticipate the more to come

This is a sequel to the first point. Knowing fully well that you can do what you do in a better way, excellence requires that you look forward to it. Anticipate and be expectant, ready to key down any innovative idea that comes across you. Never settle down because settling down is the greatest enemy a man could ever battle with. Instead, look forward to new ideas with all excitement and in no time, you'd be on the path to excellence.

3. Do a lot of planned work and less hurried ones

This is where the need to be adept at time management comes in. There is the need to maintain a balance between what you do and every other activity and in the course of running your goals, do not end up dropping one for the other.

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Arrange your goals in an orderly fashion and bring them down one after the other rather than procrastinating and then, scampering to get all the work done in a limited time.

Also, excellence requires that a person does not concentrate on a particular chore to the detriment of the other. This principle is applicable wherever you find yourself if you must stand out as an excellent individual.

4. Learn how to receive corrections with the right attitude.

There is an attitude towards receiving corrections and taking criticism. As one who is striving towards excellence, never see anyone who attempts to call you to order as an enemy even if they are the most blunt type of person.

Have a heart that is predisposed towards attaining the apex and best of what you do so much that every word of corrections and criticism is taken with joy and thanksgiving by you. 

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No one is out to get you and no one enjoys bringing you down so, if anyone has anything to say in the form of corrections or suggestions towards what you do, learn to listen and act on it. This is the spirit that propels an excellent man.

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