How to Increase Your Income

As an individual, nothing else makes people commit responsibilities into your hands than your faithfulness. Chasing after money ardently might not necessarily be the hack to increasing your income but what gives you breath, reliability and success as a person is the level at which you pass the faithfulness test.

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The economy of your country is never your problem in this matter of increasing your income, the government of the day is not the issue either, although government policies can either make or mar you, they are not completely the culprit in keeping your finances down. The major reason why many still have their finances down with no hope of increasing is that many people rely solely on motivation; forgetting about the fact that motivation alone is not enough to lift anybody. What then is the way forward to legally ensure an increase in finances?

1. Start with something.

This entails that you must be willing to have something to do and willing to grow it to the best of your ability. Rather than 'hoping to get a job soon', or 'hoping that someone gives you money', why not take action with what you currently have at hand?

Start with what you have, choose to be passionate about it, and stop being too nice to yourself - too nice that you do not want to experience difficulties anywhere. Stop expecting mega money without a plan or legal structures put in place and don't be too ashamed to let people know about what you do. Talk about it and remove the word 'just' while describing what you do. You're not just an ordinary baker, you're a world-class baker discovering your true reality.

2. Solve problems

Problems are the food for giants. For you to increase your finances, stop behaving like an ostrich - that retracts its head at the site of hard work. At your place of work, refuse to be the employee who causes problems, who detects problematic issues without having solutions to offer, who arrives late and leaves early, wastes time and company resources, gossips about everybody else and has poor customer service. Rather, be the one person who detects problems and solves them regardless of how tough they are, is respectful, does not use office resources for personal work and has an excellent work ethic.

The Prosperity Ark

Be cheerful no matter what and with time, you will discover that the higher-ups begin to trust you with more resources and promotions.

3. Strengthen your relationship with those in authority.

Learn to honour and respect your bosses. Serve them as you would, a deity. Although you might be accused of being a man-pleaser by other workers who have no common value with you, doing that will cause the hearts of your boss to open up to you. Opportunities, exclusive contracts and referrals will begin to have your name on them because you have served and made them happy. 

In the government parastatal, learn not to swear at the leaders, it is rude and does not present you in the best character. Rather, love them and learn how to present your case with a heart full of honour rather than complaint.

Increasing your income in a year might seem like a far-fetched dream, but putting these three tips to active use will help you hasten it and cause you to watch your income grow at an exponential rate.


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