The Nigerian Parlence - The 'Ahs' and Its Family

Nigeria, the Giant of Africa, is one blessed country with a lot of its unique peculiarities and beauty that I love so much and for which, I am grateful to be a part! I love my country and I know you love yours too.❤

The Prosperity Ark

To have the best experience please live again in every of my words and allow yourself to laugh when and where necessary...

'Ah ahhn'

Seeing someone you know after a long while and you go -Ah ahhhn! Long time!! How have you been?....

'Ah ah ah ah ah'

Very close to the first but happens when your Uncle/Aunt sees you during a family function and says- Ah ah ah ah ah, 'Oluwabukola o ti da gba oo' (meaning Oluwabukola you're all grown up now o)

'Ah ahh'

Happens often when someone knows another is obviously lying and says-Ah ahh! Nawa for you o!...


Nigerians in appreciation of a kind gesture merging it with "Ahwnnn" - Ahwnn, Thank you so much for this gift...


When someone acts disrespectful to another person(could be older or younger) - Ahhhh(clapping hands and making gestures of disbelief)

'Ahhhh…' (with the stress on h)

Happens when one is asked a question whose answer is needed immediately but has no answer and goes all - Ahhhh...!You know...Ahhhh…


Almost like the first but fits best in a scenario when you're writing a test and trying to remember the year a Nigerian leader was born - Ahhh.....(then you write what you eventually remember)

'Ahn ahn'

The Prosperity Ark

This is always accompanied by a smile when you resume school again and your friends and roommates are commenting that you're looking fresh!!! And they go - Ahn ahn! FINE GIRL/FINE BOY

'Ahhhhh…' (could go on endlessly, more like a sigh with sounds)

Happens when someone you know stuns you so beautifully that upon their arrival you are like - Ahhhhh...You look so beautiful...Ahhhh yet again!

'Ah!!' (Short and sharp)

This had to come last oo. A Nigerian that's neither you nor me who is in an argumentative mode and says - 


Don't try that with me o! Ah

Do you know who I am?'

I would love to accommodate all the 'has that there are so, please feel free to make this list longer.

Thank you.

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