Life's Principle 101 (S&R)

Life! Life!! Life!!!

Setting up the culture of remembrance in place, I have heard people say; "Life is not fair". I have heard others say; "Life's Good", even LG tells us so. So, whose side is life on?

Who does life treat well?

Why does life do that?

When does life do that?

Quick answer: 

Life is good, life treats you well, and life is good for you every time. If it can be just one person that job is for, guess who that person is - you. However, your mindset matters. You are what you think(what is inside you). 


Life's principle (S&R) simply means life's principle of Sowing and Reaping. A farmer will always reap whatever seed he has sown. Same with every other human be it a student, a banker, a merchant and so on. In a bid to guide us through this Sowing and Reaping guide, amidst putting in and pouring into your work, we must:

1. Take responsibility.

A wise man once said to me, "You are totally responsible for the outcome of your life". Quit blaming others, and take responsibility. Quit accusing your country's government or world economic policies, be responsible. Have you noticed that when you accuse another with just a finger, three are pointed at you? That says something. Take responsibility.

The Prosperity Ark

Be the one who is diligent, sooner than you can imagine, you would be standing before Kings. Why? That's because when that big day comes, it's the one who has been working behind the scenes that's presented. After all, he knows the way better than anyone else. Hence, take responsibility!

2. Have a mindset of favour.

Save yourself all the stress of thinking evil. If that evil happens, you don't want it, so do not think of it. If it pops up in your heart, pop it down. You deserve goodness, you deserve beauty. You deserve to live a good life. Hence, I (you) must have a mindset of favour!

3. Keep on keeping on.

 I can never be tired of saying, "Do not give up, Don't back down". Hold on a little longer, your future self would be glad you did. Remember that time you wanted to give up and then you put in all the strength you could muster and it was as though everything answered? That's it!!

Encourage yourself. Keep on keeping on. Hence, I (you) keep on keeping on!!!

4. Celebrate you!

Never condemn you, nor allow anyone to condemn you.

Always celebrate yourself no matter how insignificant you feel. Tell yourself, "Wow! I can't believe I sang that soprano" Even if you went offkey, see the best side of yourself always. If nobody ever told you, allow me; you are doing so amazing. I am so proud of you. Look at the beautiful things you do, it is powerful, it is great, it is not ordinary. It is full of greatness. Well done. Hence, I celebrate you!!!


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