Echoes of Yesterday, Whispers for Tomorrow: A Letter's Journey Through the Sands of Time

In the twilight of what's to be,

Where destinies sculpt the unseen sea,

Past the edges of the present's glow,

In the haunting embrace of the future's shadow.


"It could be that the purpose of your life is only to serve as a warning to others." ~ Ashleigh Brilliant

I am that warning. Hi Future, It's me, the Past

I reach out to you with a sense of urgency, emerging from a profound numbness, a sentiment that likely resonates with you. I have been in a state of emotional stasis, and I imagine you, too, find yourself in a similar state as you read these lines, assuming you come across them. Upon receiving a message from the present, my heart quickens as I write these words to you. Though unaware of the events unfolding between my time and yours, it's clear that you are facing a less-than-ideal situation based on the information conveyed by the present. If only I had received this insight sooner, there might have been an opportunity to rectify certain errors, but that chance has slipped away; the ship has sailed.

I write to you, the Future, uncertain of the impact these words may have, but hopeful that through you, change can unfold. The present is ensnared by the repercussions of karma, confined to a boundless prison of despair, regret, and an endless cycle of repaying debts. Whether you, too, find yourself in a similar predicament remains unknown, yet I am certain of the influence you possess in shaping your destiny. 

"Foolish heart, hear me calling. Stop before you start falling. Foolish heart, heed my warning; you've been wrong before. Don't be wrong anymore." ~ Steve Perry 

 Across the tapestry of time, Steve Perry's voice pierces, "Foolish heart, don't fall again." Perhaps, like me, you've stumbled in love's dance, loneliness, the echo of missteps. But hear this, future self: solitude is not a sentence, but a pause. Contrary to the conventional advice of following your heart, I suggest a different approach. If your heart's inclinations diverge from the guidance in this letter, discard them. This letter offers not a map, but a compass. It nudges you towards paths less traveled, where true fulfillment may lie hidden – waiting not for blind obedience, but for a desperate heart seeking its own north star. Consider this missive as your guidance, akin to the wise men who navigated by stars for direction. Let my words be your celestial guide, leading you towards our everlasting peace.

In navigating the path ahead, let these rules be your compass for a brighter tomorrow.

Rule 1: Resist the allure of following your heart, as it can be swayed and deceived. Embrace rationality; it doesn't diminish your humanity but elevates it. Because as humans, we strive so hard to survive and survival, after all, hinges on your ability to think critically and act wisely. 

Rule 2: Relationships are a double-edged sword, capable of both making and breaking you. Though I may not fathom the specific trials you've faced, I've realized that romantic love may not be destined for us in this lifetime. "The truth will set you free" Embrace this truth for genuine freedom, steering clear of the cyclic despair that blind pursuit of love brings us.

"Enter, stranger, but take heed

Of what awaits the sin of greed,

For those who take, but do not earn,

Must pay most dearly in their turn,"

J.K. Rowling,

Rule 3: Enter the future with caution, mindful of the consequences of greed. As J.K. Rowling aptly warns, those who take without earning must eventually pay a dear price. Shed the insatiable thirst for success; the pursuit of external validation has led us astray. I realize my choices may have inadvertently impacted you, and I deeply regret that. We can choose differently now and heal together.

Acknowledge that true fulfillment lies within, and release the self-imposed chains of greed that bind us. The key to redemption lies in returning to the essence of who we are. It's time to replace the pursuit of external validation with a journey of internal fulfillment.

Though the night may seem endless, one day will be tomorrow. And you'll bask in that morning light. 

With hope,

Your Past ❤️


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