3 Things You Must Take Note Of In 2024

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Every new year, we see many people rejoice and be happy at the successful completion of the previous year and another opportunity to start afresh. At the same time, we have others who just do not understand why we need to be all agog about a phenomenon that is clearly explained in Geography. We also have those who are indifferent to it all - they just want to live life, make some massive bucks and enjoy the best of life.

Whichever category you fall in, it is an unarguable fact that the atmosphere of the new year affects everyone and somehow, you will find yourself listing out some dos and don'ts to chart your course for the next 365 or 366 days as the case may be.

In this article, we have gone through the experiences of people over the years and have curated a list of details to take note of this year.

1. Be intentional about your growth

Intentionality about your growth means giving your plans and goals all it takes to see them come to fruition - of course, this must be done within the legal boundaries of your country. This is the place where accountability and journaling should come in. You can do either or both but whichever one you choose to do, ensure that you are being truthful to yourself.

As a business person, see to it that no one has an encounter with your business without being left satisfied and thirsting for more. As a career person or one who works under someone or in an organisation, see the post you've been asked to hold as your business. Do it well, learn the intricacies of your workplace, and become the centre of activity in that place - all of this points to the fact that you must be excellent. As a student, take the next phase of your academics very seriously. Against popular schools of thought, school is never a scam - that is just a lie to keep you impoverished. Yes, there is no denying the fact that you learn some stuff that is irrelevant to your prospects but the discipline, grit and wisdom you glean from those stuff are part of the building blocks for a successful career in your chosen field of interest.

This year, have a mantra that when you are assigned a task, you either leave it undone or do it and do it with an “A” mindset. As much as possible, don't allow mediocrity to thrive in your life this new year.

2. Be confident

Step out this year. Let the world see what you do and learn the art of presenting it with confidence. 

In the Nigerian parlance, present what you do with ‘your full chest’. Don't let anyone talk down on what you do and per adventure, you cannot avoid such people, do not let it get to you. Dust it off, keep your gaze straight and let your vision keep burning in your heart.

The Prosperity Ark

Love what you do; even if it isn't what you love to do or initially planned to do. Have plans for your business and your career, have an end goal, and do not just live life aimlessly without knowing what cause you are trying to achieve. 

In being confident, learn to cut people off. It's all nice to have beautiful relations with people and friends are good propellers for your success but, when certain ‘friends’ become stumbling blocks to your next phase, you have to be confident enough to cut them out of your life and stand firm on your decision.

This year, get comfortable around people with big pictures. Refuse to be an epitome of complaints and endless murmurings. See the beauty of life around you and not just the negativities every time.

3. Give no space to rage and be intentional about honouring all men.

There are times you will be required to give a piece of your mind to people this year and to be candid, it is not wrong at all. However, do not let it exceed the type of anger that can be calmed down - don't let it escalate to the point where you're raging and huffing and puffing and getting all physical with people. It does not speak well of you as a person and on a more severe note, the person you're hitting might have a health issue and then, you unintentionally become a murderer. 

Let the honour code be what you abide by this year. Honour all men, love people genuinely, do not use people, appreciate people's efforts to make you comfortable and correct inadequacies with love.

To have a beautiful 2024, you don't need to follow these tips but it is expedient that you take note of them. If there are other tips unmentioned, you are free to engage them in the comment section.

Happy New Year!

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