Conquering the Autopilot: Facing Your Fears.

Have you ever felt like you're on autopilot, hurtling towards a future you desperately want to avoid? That's where I found myself – trapped in a cycle of self-defeating behaviours. It wasn't a dramatic, villainous enemy, but a collection of seemingly insignificant choices that, together, threatened to derail my life.

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Perhaps it was the comfort food that whispered my name at the end of a long day, a seductive siren song that ignored the ever-expanding waistband and the doctor's warnings. Maybe it was the procrastination monster, a master of disguise who morphed into endless scrolling or daydreaming, leaving to-do lists untouched and deadlines looming. Or perhaps it was the crippling fear of imperfection, a voice that convinced me to quit before even starting, terrified of the potential for failure. Maybe your vice wears a different mask - an unhealthy attachment to comfort, a crippling fear of judgement, or a vice grip on possessions that leaves you feeling empty.

Whatever the vice, the fear was real. Fear of ruining my chances, fear of being exposed as a fraud, fear of the unknown that lay beyond my self-imposed limitations. It choked life out of ambition, leaving me a hollow shell of what I could be. Sharing my struggles felt impossible. Shame whispered that this was a personal failing, a weakness I should hide. Its insidious lies were loud in my ear: "You're broken. You'll never change. This is all you'll ever be”.

But deep down, a tiny ember of hope flickered. I craved the freedom of a soaring bird, not a caged one. Even the caged one, though wings may be clipped, the yearning for flight, the instinct to soar, remains. The stories of triumphant comebacks, like Edison and his lightbulb, echoed in the back of my mind. Yet, cynicism crept in. Were those fairy tales, anomalies in a world where my struggles define my reality?

Here's the truth I clung to: Inertia won't propel you towards success. Life rewards action, not stagnation. Even the smallest step forward disrupts the autopilot. You have to break free from the cycle. Trying, even if it leads to failure, is the first step towards momentum. Imagine life as a vast ocean. You won't reach your destination by not paddling, not by paddling aimlessly, but by setting sail, charting a course, and adjusting as needed.

My past attempts felt like pouring water into a basket – futile and disheartening. But maybe the problem wasn't the effort, but the direction. Were my goals realistic? Was I approaching them with the right tools? Every "failure" held a valuable lesson, a clue to a more effective path. So, for every stumble, I forgave myself. But most importantly, I cultivated a growth mindset; to view every setback as a learning experience, a chance to adjust your approach.

Here's another truth: mastery takes time. The path to success is paved with small wins, not just monumental achievements. Celebrate completing a single task, the discipline of saying no to temptation, and revel in the tiny victories that keep you going. These are the stepping stones that will eventually lead you to a place where consistent effort translates to consistent success.

The journey won't be easy. Change is rarely a dramatic, overnight transformation. It's a slow, deliberate process, a series of small victories strung together. There will be setbacks, moments of doubt, and the ever-present allure of the autopilot. But with each attempt, you chip away at the fear, building resilience and self-belief. You reclaim your power. You become the author of your own story. And one day, you'll look back and realise you've reached a point where those self-defeating behaviours no longer hold power. You'll stand tall, proud of the person you've become, a testament to the power of facing your fears and taking control of your destiny. 

The Prosperity Ark

So, take a deep breath, my friend. You are not broken. You are strong. And within you lies the power to break free from the autopilot and soar towards your dreams. Acknowledge the fear, and try again. This time, it might just be the breakthrough you've been waiting for.

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  1. Some really important realizations and encouragement for us all in this post. It's great that you shared these life gems that may help get us out of being on autopilot and instead moving forward. Thanks for sharing!


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