How to Be Successful in Life: 3 Easy Steps


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As a writer, one of the things I have learnt over time is that success is highly dependent on two major factors - confidence and loyalty. These two things are some of the beautiful values which seem to be fading away with time. 

Confidence stems from the thoughts of wanting to always give answers regardless of your seeming limitations. This does not imply giving foolish answers or speaking before thinking but rather, is the deliberate attempt to improve oneself by making conscious efforts. Loyalty, on the other hand, is making oneself turn out as a man or woman of value. It is associated with having a staunch commitment to building a great work wherever you find yourself. Loyalty gives the implication that the more work is required wherever you find yourself, the more you are needed and so, it is time to put in your all.

Having these two factors in place as an individual, it will be necessary to take note of tips to keep success at your fingertips.

1. Develop Yourself

Development is personal, one reason why it is usually called “personal development”. Rare people give themselves to development. Rare people get the lion's share. Rare people get the job.

A school will aid you in the process of polishing up yourself which is why you need to go to school but, there is little your education can do if you refuse to work on yourself. Personal development takes discipline - a lot of discipline and grit.

Although the price for discipline might be high, indiscipline will always cost you more.

Learn to be hard on yourself - get out of your comfort zone, don't despise opportunities and don't have stereotypes - The types of jobs you can't take, the type of people you can't talk to, the type of…

While it's important to set boundaries in your daily activities, ensure that you're not firming stereotypes and confusing them to be boundaries.

2. Be consistent

Everywhere you find yourself, let everyone have one thing to say about you - your high level of consistency.

If you're not consistent, you can't be said to be competent. You lose the opportunity to showcase your expertise and growth when you lack consistency in what you do.

Many people will always fail themselves but they will always rely on someone they know can never fail them; someone they know is consistent with their personal work.

Your consistency not only showcases your competence, it also showcases your excellence. 

Give yourself wholly to your job and don't compare yourself to others because comparison births doubt which then births inconsistency and incompetence.

3. Stretch

Your journey into personal development and achieving consistency will not be complete if you do not familiarise yourself with the art of stretching. 

This means you are ready to step out of your comfort zones even if it means not being convenient - it means you're ready to go for that extra training on the track, you're ready to take an online course on coding, you're taking that extra minute to go running every morning to shed that weight, you're reducing your sleeping time to read one more page of your book or you're using more words to explain the details of a surgery to your patient.

Sometimes, stretching may seem like a whole lot. I mean, why do you need to do this when you can just maintain the status quo? However, remember that maintaining the status quo will create deep problems - someone's life will be at stake, your school results are at stake, your expertise at work is at stake and your health might be at stake (should you refuse to shed the excess fat).

The Prosperity Ark

Taking stretches birth greatness, greatness is a surety for success and success creates that beautiful life you have been envisioning since you were young.


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