The Secret Recipe for Success


Over the years, human beings have tried to decipher life's questions and discover the depths of human thoughts. This has caused many DIYs to spring up, uncountable ‘how to-’ and numerous ‘tips to-’.

Then, there is me who sees it as a life-goal to cook up a success recipe for you. Am I here to give you some cooking tips? Well, maybe in the Nigerian parlence, Yes.

The Prosperity Ark

Whichever one you choose to follow and check out (although, I hope you check this out to the end), the end goal is self-actualization and success.

Greatness and success are not to be seen as a feat that is not achievable, rather, it should be made common and familiar to every individual. 

To achieve greatness, greatness must be made simplified and attainable by you.

An important secret recipe which I'd love to share with you is STABILITY.

The word, which has its root in Latin as STABILITAS meaning steadfastness and firmness is a major characteristic of every successful person you meet out there.

It means they do not jump from one vocation or job to another, they don't jump from one motivational book to another without practising any, and they don't attend every social engagement they're invited to but rather, learn to make some go unattended. A stable person, although might be tagged as eccentric in today's world, is at a higher ground of succeeding than someone who tends to drift around.

Stability in success as a student, a worker or a career person helps one to stand strong in whatever one gets to do. It helps you abound in results when your gaze is fixed on a particular end goal. This brings to mind a Physics practical I was made to do in secondary school. I was to change the focal length of the pinhole camera until the light source being viewed was clear, which meant that at every point where the light source appeared blurry, I had to shift my pinhole camera till I got a clear and sharp image. Of course, that meant I had to have a singleness of vision and could not watch my friend who was reading an interesting novel because I had a goal I was hoping to achieve.

The same goes for the principles applying to life where we need to realise that just like my Physics practical, life is to be approached with singleness of mind and not to be tossed to and fro by whatever is happening around us. Amazingly, this ability to ensure stability all through one's life is well-pronounced in people who are runners, farmers and soldiers

A little tip to achieve this sense of stability is for you to write your life's vision down, make it plain, let it be inscribed in your heart and run your life by it. That way, your heart remains fully on one cause.



  1. To achieve greatness, greatness must be made simplified and attainable by you✊.


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