Poetry: Tears on the Track - The Deceptive Path of Love

Sad how I've run for years,

A race without destination and but tears,

Dawn to dusk, filled with so many fears,

The pages of my heart tears…

The Prosperity Ark

The deceptive voice of a liar

for so long, I hear,

The heavy burden I have carried with such care,

And grace, 

I thought I was living in space,

The race that I face 

on every side, I'm pressed

Yet myself, I feel so much less.

It seemed like a pleasure, but it was total pressure.

A catastrophic failure, in that I felt leisure.

The height of desperation I can't really measure,

Depression to suppression became an adventure.

In my expertise I became an ambassador.

The agony of hatred and lies I treasure.

How do we live in a lie we trust?

How do we expect unjust people to adjust?

I gave you everything, George, 

but you pursued lust.

I embraced great level of distrust,

But this is a robust combust.

I've loved you from heaven to Earth.

We planned our future together, Our children's birth.

Nothing was to come between us, not even death

But yet with a piece of dirt, you lied and flirted.

Was it all a lie?

To you, was this all I am worth, George?


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